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How to give a product for free if Product A is in the cart and if the amount spent is over $20.

👉Install the Automatic Discount app free. 1. Create a discount in /admin/discounts_next/new of the amount of $ of the free giveaway. You could use 100% discount, but I prefer a $ discount. Let's say...

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How to make a promotion that gives a 25% discount if a specific product is bought

Steven is asking: How to make a promotion that offers the customer 25% of "The Curve" hat when a Long Sleeve Jersey is purchased. 1. Create a product specific discount of 25% on "The Curve"...

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Track your top discounts daily on Shopify

Which promotions perform best? Measure the success of your discounts. Increase sales by focusing on the best promotions. Try this feature and a lot more now with Automatic Discount. 👉Try the Automatic Discount app free....

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Give product B free if products A + B are in the cart

Josh is asking: I’m interested in your Automatic Discounts app for Shopify, and I had a question if it could do what I was looking to do. Can this allow me to automatically add...

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How to change font color for upsells inside theme on color background theme

Let's say you have a black background theme and you want to insert an upsell in your theme. Here's how you can change the font color, which is black by default. 1. 👉 Install the Ultimate...

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Ultimate Upsell - Use Cases

Here are a few examples of the magic you can achieve with the Ultimate Upsell app: Upsell add-ons À la Carte → Click to learn how Upsell a product bundle → Click to learn how Upsell products...

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