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Shopify entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: they need to sell more.
That's why we are building sales apps that boost conversion and sales.
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Awesome support

Found a bug and Tabarnapp gave me an awesome customer service. It's working all fine now and I'm sure he is dedicated improving and making this app Great.

MT Digital print

Appreciate this app

I appreciate this app as I was looking for a way to give my Canadian customers an automatic discount to help counter the low value of the Canadian dollar. Derek responds quickly to questions.

Art By Kathleen Maunder

Excellent App

Just what I needed! We have some very specific rules that are a pain to handle manually and Automatic Discount takes care of them seamlessly. Thanks! And their support is top-notch. Good sense of humor, too!

The Glass Underground

Does exactly what it says

This app does exactly what it says it will without taking our time to futz with the theme itself, which is great!



Great. Using it mainly for automatic discount links and so far it has been flawless. Thanks!

Ionic Epic

Works right away

Amazing, works right away and simple. Love simple.

ASI Auto

This app is great

This app is great. It is annoying to only see the discount at checkout, but this is probably Shopify's limitation.


Delivered promises

Did exactly what it said it would!!!

Morale Tags

No install code

Pretty much the only app I could find that would do quantity discounts well without a crazy amount of install code.

Elites RS Fitness

Simple and straightforward

We have use this app for our holiday sales and it is working just like it said it would! Thank you. I was a little stressed as many of the more complicated apps say they will do something then it takes me more time to research and watch videos to figure out how to use it. This app is simple and straight forward.

Simply Straws

Worked as advertised

This is a great app for applying automatic discounts based on set rules at the end of checkout. It can be advantageous at times to bypass customer entry of the coupon code. After you set the rules for the discount it only takes a few minutes before it's active on the store. Nice app, thanks!/


A much expected feature

A much expected feature! This app allowed us to set up automatic discounts easily, and improve the customer purchase experience. Let's not forget the top-notch support provided by Derek!

Owlkids Dev Chinese

Amazing themes for Shopify Stores

Shopify entrepreneurs all need help building their store.
That's why we are building flexible themes that ease their life and shrink the gap between building the store and making some sales.
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Super responsive

I used Tabarnapp to get some changes made on my homepage. They went above and beyond to get it looking just the way I wanted. They were fun to work with and super responsive (even on the weekends). I'm definitely coming back to these guys.



Tabarnapp has been fantastic. They've gone above and beyond. We will be working with them on all our Shopify needs. Superb.

Ana Candles

High level of quality

Patient, highly professional and went above and beyond of what was asked of him to get the job done right. I am very pleased with the high level of quality of the completed tasks, and i can't wait to hire them again for future work on my site.

Iconic Kit

Timely fashion

Great service, very helpful and professional! Helped us create a custom popup for our store in a timely fashion.

I Love my Pillow

Definitely recommend

Tabarnapp was great! very quick and I was able get my Pre-order button up and going within minutes. I will definitely recommend .

Style Laundry

Very well structured

Tabarnapp is attentive to the customer and very well structured in the realization of mandates. All steps are well documented. Very satisfied!

Bellemare Studio

We ❤️️ Our Clients. Be one of them 💕.

Shopify Experts Montreal
Shopify Apps

Our mission is to build sales apps that Shopify should have built in their core to be even more flexible and powerful. All the apps we build have one goal: bringing high ROI for cheap.

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Designing a Shopify store is easy, it's a matter of installing a theme. If you want to make some changes to the theme or build a new custom one, that's another story! That's why we are there for you.

Shopify stores

Shopify is pretty easy to work with to build an online store. But our experience tells us it can become tricky really soon. That's why we help you build your store from A to Z. Check out our store packages.

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Sometimes you just need a quick help or support to build of fix something related to your Shopify store. We are there to help and offer bank of hours or a pay-per-task package. Find out more.

Shopify stores & Shopify apps

We build Shopify stores, apps and themes that are designed to boost your sales. While other ecommerce agencies focus on everything and anything, we focus on Shopify and more precisely on turning Shopify stores into sales machines.

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Change Add to Cart button text in Ultimate Upsell app for Shopify

Is it possible with your app, to change the "Add to Cart" button to "Go to product page" button? I need this, because our products need to be personalized before added to cart. Yes, that's...

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Automatic Discount on the First order in Shopify

Install Automatic Discount 1.Enable the Advanced Discount Rules. You need to be on the premium version of the app to activate this paid add-on. 2.Create a rule based on the order history: Number...

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Discount the entire order ONLY IF you have product A in the cart

We want to do 20% off the entire order ONLY IF you have a certain product in the shopping cart. Is there any way to do that? 1.Go to Discounts, inside the Shopify admin....

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How to properly uninstall the Motivus app

Motivus allows Shopify merchants like you to split testing one or more promotions on one or more audiences, at the same time! Run A/B experiments to find the perfect promotion for each targeted audience....

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How to display upsold products in 2 or 3 columns

Question I want to display upsell product in cart page. The products are displayed the one under the other. I want to display them in line (3 products), exactly 3 products. Please help me to...

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Edit CSS style of upsells using Ultimate Upsell for Shopify

Install Ultimate Upsell If our styling options for text and colors inside the SETTINGS section of the app are not enough for your need, you can overwrite the upsell CSS by adding our CSS classes...

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Scheduling your automatic discount rules

Install Automatic Discount for Shopify With the Advanced Discount rules, it is possible to schedule when your rules will be active. As easy as the following: Install Automatic Discount for Shopify...

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How to display animated title text in the browser tab in Shopify

Let's say you're running a big sale in your Shopify store and you want to make sure visitors don't miss it. One of the smart way to let them know is using an animated tab...

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How to create an exit discount popup in Shopify

Setup With the Warden App, you can display a popup when the customer intends to leave your store. Turn an exit into a sale If the customer's shopping cart contains at least a product, displaying...

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Purchase motivator widget for Shopify stores

Run a tiered pricing sale, BOGO, BUY X Get Y, tiered items amount or any type of progressive sale in your Shopify store and prompt customers to reach the next tiers with a purchase motivator...

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Claim discount button in the checkout page of your Shopify store

Motivus enables you to display a Claim discount button in the checkout page of your Shopify store. This way you make sure customers don't miss the deal, and you drop your abandoned cart rate drastically....

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Display your running promotions in a page - Shopify app

The Motivus app for Shopify automatically creates a new page in your Shopify store to display all you active promotions running in a split testing experiment. The page should be located at

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Edit Settings - Motivus App for Shopify

Inside the settings of the Motivus app, you can edit: The promotion page colors and url The motivation popup theme, location and size The texts of every label and string displayed in your store And...

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Installation Instructions for Motivus

After you install the Motivus App in your Shopify Store, you will have to paste this snippet: var mcs = document.createElement('script'); mcs.async = true; mcs.src = "

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