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Abandoned cart link on Shopify with discount attached to it


Hi guys, how are you? i have a doubt, we use your app and another called push owl notification, this app sends push notification to visitors who abandoned carts, that app lets me include a button with an url and we put there so when the visitors make click they go to the abandoned cart. I would like to insert a link that make automatically the discount, how can i do that with your app?


1. Go to Shopify's Discounts section and create a new discount. You can create for example a discount that can be used only once per customer.

2. Install Automatic Discount

3. Go to the Discount link Section.

5. Generate a discount link. Let's say your coupon code is called "code123", it will look like this: ;

Url structure

store-url + /discount/discount-code + ?redirect=/page-url + `?discount=discount-code

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