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Professional services agreement

By making payment #1, you confirm that you have read and accepted our professional services agreement.


TABARNAPP SOLUTIONS is a legally registered company operating in the IT field governed by the Quebec Business Corporations Act in Canada, Québec.
NEQ : 1166574542

Policies, terms and conditions of payments

The price quoted is valid for a period of 30 days.

**Hourly rate: $ 80 USD /H ***

The current exchange rate will be applied for billing in another currency (ex: CAD)

Payment #1: 50% of the total invoice / project quote

We will start working on the project only when we receive a payment of 50% of the total amount of the invoice.

Payment # 2: Balance of 50% of the total amount of the project invoice / quote

The balance of 50% (final payment)* will be payable within 30 days of the end of the project. After 30 days, a monthly interest charge of 5% will be applied on invoices in default.
*Note that no project will be online or transferred to a customer before we receive the final payment.

- About new feature not included in initial project

New feature wanted and not included in the original project: Payment of 100% of the new feature invoice amount

TABARNAPP SOLUTIONS agrees to submit to CLIENT, a new invoice for any addition of new feature that is not included in the initial invoice.

The customer will have to pay 100% of the new invoice that was not included in the original project. TABARNAPP SOLUTIONS commits to begin work on the new feature only when the payment for the addition has been received.

- Change in the operation of the project in progress requested by the client

EX: You click here, it does this... But now you want that when you click here, this action does something else.

Modification to the project requested by the customer: Payment of 100% of the new invoice amount

TABARNAPP SOLUTIONS agrees to submit to the CUSTOMER a new invoice for any change in the initial operation of the project requested by the client which requires overtime to the project.

The customer must pay 100% of the new invoice for the modification that is not included in the original project. TABARNAPP SOLUTIONS commits to begin working on the modification to the project only when the payment related to the modification has been received.

Project Policies


(1) build the professional services described in the invoice/ quote.

(2) achieve the objectives of the project while respecting the approach specified.

(3) not undertake any activities not provided for a contract that result more professional fees without written authorization from the CUSTOMER.

(4) respect the confidentiality of any documents directly or indirectly related to the project or work and do not disclose to any person out of our team except with a written consent of the CLIENT.


  1. provide all the contents of the project: the visual, the photos of the products, the texts...
  2. take care of the correction of texts
  3. refund the costs related to the purchase of photos / illustrations if requested by the service provider
  4. provide the coordination, technical support and supervision necessary to carry out the project described in the invoice.
  5. not diffuse or authorize the diffusion, in whole or in part, of the supplier's original work without the prior consent of the supplier.
  6. The CUSTOMER can terminate this contract at any time upon written notice by paying the cost of the services done, but without compensation or damages to the supplier for canceled activities that have not been executed.


If the CLIENT believes that the SUPPLIER violates or fails to comply with any obligations in the invoice, or refuses to execute a CUSTOMER's direction issued to ensure proper execution of the Project, the CUSTOMER must notify in writing The SUPPLIER about a breach and must instruct him to handle it immediately. If the SUPPLIER fails to comply with this order or if it does not provide an explanation to the CUSTOMER's within five (5) working days after the receipt of this notice, the CUSTOMER can : terminate the contract in whole or in part.

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