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Automatic collection specific discount with a minimum purchase required based on the whole cart

Collection specific discount with a minimum purchase; How it works currently in Shopify

Many Shopify merchants create a collection specific (or products specific) discount with a minimum purchase required. In Shopify, though, the minimum purchase restriction will apply to that specific collection (or product) selected inside the discount, which means a minimum purchase of $50 should be read as a minumum purchase of $50 of items in that specific collection.

How can the minumum purchase required restrict the whole order amount rather than only the amount of the items from that collection?

Using our Automatic Discount app, you can trigger the application of the automatic discount based on some rules, like Amount >= $X. That means, if you don’t put any minimum purchase required restriction inside the collection specific discount itself, you can create a discount rule in our app to trigger the discount based on the whole cart amount.

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