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Automatic discount rules - Priorities and restrictions

Requires Automatic Discount - Advanced Rules

I tried to configure few discounts tier and below is the requirement.

· 10% on Collection # 1

· 15% on Collection # 2

I have set up 2 discount base on above requirements. I wish to accomplish my shopping Cart will apply 10% or 15% discount base on their check out item from either Collection#1 or Collection#2.

Automatic Discount rules - advanced rules for Shopify

However, my cart only applied 10% discount, no matter what. My question is what can I do to have your app detect the ‘right’ discount. For example, if customer check out item from Collection #1 then provide 10%, if check out item from collection#2, then provide 15%.

Hi, you can move the 15% discount rule above the 10% rule. The first coupon will apply at the top of the list because it's the first one checked by our app's script.

Automatic Discount - Advanced rules for Shopify

Since the rule are the same, but just on different collections, the app will always try to fire/trigger the first rule at the top of the list. That's why you need to select products to restrict the "when it triggers". In other words, select in each rule all the products of the right collection, the products that you want present in the cart in order for the right discount to be fired/triggered.

Automatic Discount - Advanced rules for Shopify

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