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Automatic discount specific to a product variant on Shopify

Let's say you have 2 variants for each of your product.

Basic = $6 each

Premium = $10 each

Let's say you want to give a discount only on the Basic variant

Overall, you can see that the discount will be apply only on the (Basic) variant of the product called here "Top Discounts".

Then you install Automatic Discount

You go inside the Automatic Discount app and create a new discount rule using your previously created discount code. Then you can use 2 different approaches for the discount rule:

1. Create a "Amount <= $6" rule with a % discount

(if $6 or less inside the cart).

2. Create a "# items >= 1" rule with a $ discount

(if 1 item or more inside the cart)

The difference between a % discount and a $ discount is the ability to limit the $ discount to only apply once per order. So, for example, here we will limit to once per order the $6 discount, no matter how many "Basic" products you have inside the shopping cart.

The "Variant title contains one of" restriction will automatically trigger the application of the discount only if the "Basic" variant is present in the shopping cart.

You can also NOT trigger the discount if there is one or more other products (or variants) in the cart.

Important: it is case sensitive. If your variant is "Basic", don't write "basic" for example.

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