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Some Automatic Discount Q/A

Is it possible to limit how many time a customer can benefit from an automated offer? I would like to send one link to 1000 customers and they can all use the same offer but each one of them can only use it once. Is it possible with your app?

Yes, this is possible inside the discount itself, there is a restriction you can enable to limit to once per customer. See point #8 here https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/discount-codes/create-discount-codes

Is it possible to create the following rule: Buy 2 t-shirts (product type: tshirt, quantity: 2) and 2 socks (product type: socks, quantity: 2) for €60?

You can trigger the application of the automatic discount based on Number of items >=2 and based on the Product Type. But to bulletproof your discount restriction, you should also make the discount product-specific or collection-specific to make sure no one cheats. Eg. https://automatic-discount.myshopify.com/products/rule-with-restriction (watch the video on this page if you have some time).

Is it possible to trigger more then one autmated offers in one cart? eg. the first offer is triggered via a link, the second offer is triggered based on a customer tag.

Yes, but only the last offer (one offer, one discount) will apply at checkout. That's why in our app, you should put the biggest rule (usually it's the bigger discount as well), at the top of the rules list.

Is it possible to use additional discount codes in the checkout on top of the automated offer?

No, it's not possible yet. But as soon as Shopify will allow more than one discount per order, our Automatic Discount app will be ready and improved.

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