How To Use Shopify Compare at Price Features in Your Store


All customers are looking for a bargain. The Shopify compare at price shows the original price of a discounted product alongside the sale price. Displaying full prices next to sale prices draws attention to how much customers can save during a promotion.

Find out how these price features compare to discount codes for running sales and learn how to use compare at prices in your Shopify store.

What Are Shopify Compare at Price Features?

shopify compare at price

Setting compare at prices for products in your store is one way to run a sale on Shopify. To offer discounts to all customers, you can use the compare at price features in your Shopify admin. This requires you to enter the full price and sale price of a product in the appropriate fields. You can also set compare at prices for product variants. 

One of the most useful features lets you use Shopify compare at price as a condition for creating a Smart Collection. All you need to do to create a collection automatically is specify items priced over a specific amount. You can then list or feature a collection of products that meet this condition to make it easy for customers to shop a sale.

How Do You Use Compare at Prices in Your Shopify Store?

There are four simple steps to display compare at prices on your storefront. Start by accessing your Shopify admin and going to “Products.” You have the option to add a Shopify compare at price to individual items or edit prices in bulk.

Step 1: Select One or More Items To Discount

Pick the product that you want to put on sale. You can alternatively edit compare at prices for multiple products. Tick the checkboxes to the left of each product and click “Edit Products” at the top of the page to edit the prices of more than one product in Shopify admin. You can also click on the “Export” button in the top right corner to download a CSV file to edit prices on an Excel spreadsheet and import the product data back to Shopify.

Step 2: Enter the Original Price in the Compare at Field

Input the original price of a product in the “Compare at price” field. If you are editing prices for multiple products, you can click the top field and drag down to select this field for every product of the same price. Enter the first compare at price to automatically fill in the other fields.

Step 3: Enter the Sale Price in the Price Field

Include the sale price with the comparison price.

Enter the reduced sale price of one or more products into the “Price” field. Note that a Shopify compare at price will only show in your store if the value in this field is higher than the value in the “Price” field.

Step 4: Save Your Settings

Save your changes, and sale prices will go live on your storefront. The appearance of compare at prices can vary based on your store theme. If compare at prices are not visible in your store, go back to “Products” and “Pricing” to make sure that the original price is in the “Compare at price” field and the discounted price is in the “Price” field. 

If you want to limit sales to specific customers or offer discounts based on cart value, you can set up discount codes. Using the Automatic Discounts & Gifts app is the easiest way to manage any type of promotion on Shopify.

When Should You Display Compare at Prices On Shopify?

Sales are the best time to display compare at prices on Shopify. This pricing feature indicates how great a discount shoppers can get by making purchases during a promotion. To use discounted pricing to stimulate sales, limit the duration of time that compare at prices appear on your store. Creating a sense of urgency can encourage customers to buy sooner rather than later.

According to a recent e-commerce report, shoppers are about twice as likely to purchase a product with a 20% discount, and 99% more likely to purchase items at a 50% discount. Compare at prices can be an effective way to appeal to this basic consumer psychology. You could see a significant increase in conversions by making sale prices considerably lower than compare at prices.

When you set a Shopify compare at price, everyone who visits your online store will be able to get this discount. If you want to target certain segments of customers, such as first-time or frequent shoppers, you can run personalized promotions through the ADG app.

What Is the Best Way To Run a Sale in Your Shopify Store?

Run a sale using the compare at price strategy on Shopify.

The main methods for running sales on Shopify include setting promotional and compare at prices or creating discount codes. Compare at prices offer discounts to all customers. You can also use these pricing features as the basis for collections that allow shoppers to browse sale or clearance items.

Some sellers have difficulty displaying compare at prices on Shopify storefronts. This issue can occur if you enter original and sale prices in the incorrect fields. Some third-party store themes require additional steps to display compare at prices. It may be necessary to use liquid code to display the original prices of discounted products.

The ADG app allows for code-free customization. Our app is also the simplest way to run any type of sale or promotion on Shopify. We make it easy to offer buy-one-get-one deals, free gifts, tiered discounts, or other rule-based promotions. The ADG app also includes customer-friendly features such as a reward picker and a free shipping progress bar.

Why Are Shopify Compare at Price Features Useful?

Showing compare at prices to customers of your online store can increase conversions during a sale. This strategy is most effective if you offer the discounts and display Shopify compare at price information for a limited time. The ADG app simplifies discounts and promotions on Shopify, making it a snap to start and end promotional sales.

Contact us to find out more about using ADG to run sales on your storefront.

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Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews
Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews