Innovative Shopify Collabs: How to Combine Collaborative Marketing with Automatic Discounts (ADG)


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  1. Collaborative Marketing: A Powerful E-commerce Tool 
  2. Understanding Automatic Discounts (ADG) on Shopify 
  3. How to set up ADG in your Shopify store 
  4. Benefits of using ADG for customer acquisition and retention
  5. The Combination of Collaborative Marketing and ADG 
  6. Steps to Implement Collaborative Marketing with ADG 
  7. How To Set Up A Promotion If You Have Collaboration With An Influencer 
  8. Creative Collaborative Marketing Ideas 
  9. Measuring Success: Metrics and KPIs 
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There are more than 6,312,392 Shopify Plus stores as we speak. What innovative strategies do you have going on to stand out? 

Offers, coupons, and deals. Yes, they work. But the truth is that your customers crave something exciting. 

While they love their savings, your customers also need something new to catch their attention. This is where Shopify collabs and automatic discounts come into the picture. 

On one hand, collaborative marketing utilizes the power of partnerships with brands or influencers to widen the reach. On the other, automatic discounts or ADG can make the entire process seamless. However, the real magic is in the amalgamation of the two. 

How do you combine collaborative marketing and automatic discounts? We bring you all the secrets right ahead. Read on! 

Collaborative Marketing: A Powerful E-commerce Tool 

Today, 1 in 4 marketers use influencer marketing. So, it’s not wrong to say that we live in an influencer-driven era. More than movie stars, influencers are ruling our social media channels. 

When someone you have been following for months or even years advertises a product on their Instagram feed or TikTok, going on and on about it, you will indeed check it out. But if there is also a discount link to go with it, you may even make a purchase! This is the power of collaborative marketing. 

Collaborative marketing is simple. It is when you collaborate with other brands or influencers to expand your reach. 

Make Shopify collabs a part of your strategy to gain new customers, increase sales, and boost your brand awareness. 

Understanding Automatic Discounts (ADG) on Shopify 

Shopify Collabs with ADG

You can use automatic discounts to make Shopify collabs more alluring. It is easy to set up and can do wonders for your brand when done right. 

As the name suggests, these discounts are automatically calculated and applied during checkout. It can be a BOGO offer, free shipping or other types of discount

With automatic discounts, you can bring a sense of convenience to your customers. 

But wait, it is beneficial for you as well. 

Automatic discounts can seamlessly boost sales and improve customer satisfaction, which means they will be back for more! 

You can also download apps like ADG Automatic Discounts & Gifts from the Shopify store to make it hassle-free. For instance, this app helps you manage all your deals in one place. See which offers more convenience and go from there!

With the help of apps like ADG and Shopify collabs, you can create attractive data-driven promotions that improve conversions and offer a happy shopping journey. 

How to set up ADG in your Shopify store 

Shopify Collabs

Fret not. Setting up ADG discounts for your Shopify collabs is no rocket science. So, even if you are not fully tech-savvy, these steps will help you. 

  • First, log into your Shopify admin panel and go to the Discounts section. 
  • Now, choose the Automatic Discounts option and set a criteria. It can be a minimum cart value or specific products. 
  • Next, customize the discount and include all the necessary details, such as percentage or fixed amount. 
  • Finally, you can set an expiration date for the deal and save the settings. 

Benefits of using ADG for customer acquisition and retention

Okay. Now, you know about Automatic Discounts. But how do Shopify collabs benefit your e-commerce store? Let’s find out. 

Improved Customer Experience

Picture this. You are on an online window shopping spree, browsing for a few knickknacks to spruce up your home. You enter a Shopify store that holds cutesy items you prefer. You slowly start adding them to your cart. 

While you don’t really want to buy any of it right away, you go to the checkout point to know the total amount. But suddenly, you are surprised to see a discount. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, you end up making a purchase. 

Now, two things happen simultaneously. You are happy with the store for all the products they have and also for the discount that was offered. To put it simply, ADG and Shopify collabs improve the customer experience. 

There was no code to deal with. As soon as you reached the threshold of items, the discount was applied automatically. Do you see how hassle-free this is?

New or old, your customers will enjoy this!

Customer Acquisition

Shopify Collabs

Discounts are a great way to win over your customers. After all, who doesn’t like a discount?

So, when you do it right, discounts can lure in new customers and even make the old ones happy. However, use the power of social media, word-of-mouth, and organic marketing to make the most. Shopify collabs with ADG can effortlessly help you expand your consumer base. 

Increased Conversion Rates

Let’s say your phone has started showing signs of deterioration. While you have a particular model in mind to replace the old one, you are simply biding your time. One day, you come across a Shopify electronic store with a limited-time offer of 20% on the phone you so desire. It may push you to make a purchase. 

See the power of discounts? It can motivate hesitant shoppers to make a purchase, boosting conversion rates and revenue. 

Improved Customer Loyalty and Retention

Shopify Collabs

There are two stores. One offers timely discounts and deals to better your shopping experience, and the other doesn’t. Which store would you choose? Most probably the first one! 

Discounts make your customers feel appreciated, which builds a positive emotional connection. It compels them to repeat their purchases and, in turn, fosters brand loyalty. 

Forging a strong bond with the help of ADG Shopify collabs is an excellent strategy that will last for a long time. 

Personalization Becomes Effortless

73% of shoppers expect brands to understand their unique needs and expectations. And ADG with Shopify collabs is here to help. You can facilitate effortless personalization by tweaking discounts based on your customer data. 

Let’s say you are an online bookstore. You have implemented Shopify collabs with ADG. You notice a frequent buyer who often purchases sci-fi novels from you. With the help of Shopify collabs and ADG, you offer an automatic discount on their latest sci-fi novel’s purchase. See? It is excellent to add a personal touch while boosting your customer experience. 

With ADG, you can give out meaningful discounts that make a positive impact on your business. 

Easy For Seasonal Promotions and Holiday Campaigns 

Shopify Collabs

ADG and Shopify Collabs make it easier for you to implement seasonal promotions and holiday campaigns. During peak shopping periods, you can easily configure ADG to apply special discounts at checkout. 

For example, an online toy store can set up ADG to automatically offer a 20% discount on all toys in the week leading up to Christmas. This ease and agility give you an edge and appeal to holiday shoppers while maximizing sales. 

Helps With Inventory Management

ADG with Shopify collabs help you kill two birds with one stone. First, it helps you with efficient inventory management by clearing the slow-moving products using exciting discounts. Second, it helps strike a connection with your consumers, which is good for business.

Let’s say you are a clothing retailer. Here, you can use ADG to automatically reduce prices on last season’s styles. It prevents overstock situations and frees up valuable shelf space for newer merchandise. 

Gives You A Competitive Edge 

Did you know? You can influence almost 54% of consumers with discounts to make an impulse purchase. That’s not all. You can also influence 46% of customers to change their planned purchase. 

As you can see, discounts are always in. But when they are seamless and easy, it helps you make a mark. Offering automatic discounts can make your store more competitive, attracting price-conscious shoppers.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Instead of traditional advertising efforts, you can allocate the same budget to create attractive ADG discounts. It can not only lure new customers but can also retain them. All this, without having to spend on ads. 

Let’s take an example. A beauty brand can use ADG with Shopify collabs to offer automatic discounts to customers who refer friends. So, what happens here is that you are using the incredible power of word-of-mouth marketing without any advertising expenses. This approach can be profitable when done right.

The Combination of Collaborative Marketing and ADG 

Shopify Collabs

The combo of Shopify collabs and ADG is pure magic! With collaborative marketing, you leverage partnerships with brands and influencers who align with your brand values and growth. Whereas with ADG, you are enhancing the shopping experience. It is a winning strategy for your brand. 

Want to unpack more? Let’s take an example. 

Imagine. You are a new sustainable fashion brand. So, to expand your reach, you tie up with an influencer known for eco-conscious lifestyle. Together, you launch a campaign promoting your brand. That’s not all. The influencer shares posts and stories showcasing the clothing’s quality, sustainability, and style. 

So, all her followers are within your reach. And when you have a link with automatic discounts, it sets you apart because your customers feel valued. It improves brand presence and drives sales. 

Steps to Implement Collaborative Marketing with ADG

Now that you know everything about Shopify collabs with ADG, you may want to implement it. Well, here’s the lowdown on how you can do it. 

  • First, look for suitable collaborators. It can be like-minded brands, or you can always go with influencers. 
  • Never jump into it. Have a clear goal in mind as to what you want to achieve. It can be anything from increasing brand visibility to driving sales. 
  • Negotiate mutually beneficial terms. Determine what each partner will contribute, whether it’s content, promotion, or resources.
  • If you haven’t already set up automatic discounts on your Shopify store, do it now. 
  • Here comes the fun part. Create engaging content for your audience, keeping your brand values in mind. 
  • Never forget to promote collaborative content. You can share it on your website, emails, and more. 
  • Make sure you create sharable ADG and Shopify collabs links for your influencers that they can feature in the collaborative content. 
  • Finally, monitor and measure the results. Make necessary tweaks wherever necessary. 

How To Set Up A Promotion If You Have Collaboration With An Influencer 

As mentioned in the previous section, you may want to set up Shopify collabs with your favorite influencer. Remember, the discount will only trigger if you have shared the specific link with them, who will then share it with their audience. Without further ado, let’s unpack all the steps. Take a look! 

Go To Custom Deals 

Shopify Collabs

To create a discount, go to custom deals and click on new deals

Create A New Deal 

Shopify Collabs

Once you are in the new deal, you can choose the type of deal you want to go ahead with. For this example, we will go with the whole order. 

Name The Deal 

Shopify Collabs

Next, click on the custom deal to change the name. You can give it any name you prefer. 

Discount Type 

Shopify Collabs

Now, you choose the discount type. For the sake of this example, we go with 10%. 

Additional Settings 

Shopify Collabs

The last section is for additional settings. Choose the one that aligns with your offer. 

Cart Requirement

Shopify Collabs

If you want to include a cart requirement, click on the option. Add the cart total and ensure it is greater or equal to the X amount of your choice. So, your customers will only be eligible for the discounts if they have X amount in their cart. Once done, click on Create Deal. 

Create Your Link 

Shopify Collabs

Once created, the next step is to build sharable links. For this, go to Promotions and click on Links. 

You will find a few options, but choose Attach A Custom Deal. Here, you will get a search bar to look for the promotion code you created. Select it. 

Now, go to the Landing Page and select Custom Url. You will notice your Shopify store’s URL on the left side, and on the right side, you can type the same code to customize the link. Once done, click on Create Link. You will get two links for your Shopify collab, one short and one long. You can share them with your influencer. 

Shopify Collabs

If you want to understand how Shopify collabs are doing, go to Settings and click on Earnings. You can view everything. 

Creative Collaborative Marketing Ideas 

Are you wondering what other collaborative marketing ideas can help you out? Take a look! 

Influencer partnerships with ADG 

Shopify collabs is something we have already talked about. However, the list is incomplete without re-emphasizing influencer partnerships with ADG. 

Today, over 80% of marketers have a dedicated budget for influencer marketing. So, it’s time for you to strike a balance between ADG and influencer Shopify collabs to stand out. 

Collaborative giveaways and contests 

Did you know? On average, over 34% of new customers are acquired through contests. So, team up with like-minded brands for exciting giveaways or contests. Here, you can ensure participants win a bundle of products or unique experiences, encouraging engagement and expanding your combined reach.

Co-branded product launches with discounts 

You can always launch co-branded products or a collection with another brand. Do this using special discounts for a limited time. It creates an exciting buzz and entices customers of both brands to explore and purchase. One example is when Nike collaborated with Off-White, a famous streetwear brand. 

They released a co-branded collection of sneakers, apparel, and accessories known as The Ten. These limited-edition items featured unique design elements and were available for a short time. It was groundbreaking and brought incredible sales. 

User-generated content campaigns

User-generated content is a great way to build credibility. Encourage customers to share their experiences with your products through photos, reviews, or videos. Feature this user-generated content in your marketing efforts, such as social media posts or brand videos.

Measuring Success: Metrics and KPIs 

Your job is not done as soon as you launch a successful sales campaign. One crucial thing is pending, and that’s measuring your success. Was it able to fetch your desired goals? Did it generate enough profits? All these questions need answers. Here’s what you must consider:

  • Look at the sales and profits generated after implementing ADG and the Shopify collab. Compare it with the previous periods and see if it has made a significant difference. 
  • Calculate the conversion rate of visitors who participated in the collaborative campaign and made a purchase. It helps you see if the campaign was effective. 
  • Calculate the expenses related to the collaboration and divide it by the number of new customers acquired. The answer gives you the customer acquisition cost. See if it was worth it.
  • Measure the percentage of customers acquired through the collaboration who return to make repeat purchases.
  • Check if the collaboration increased the average amount spent during purchases.
  • Track the click-through rate for campaign-specific links or banners used in the collaboration. A higher CTR indicates strong interest and engagement.
  • See how many customers used the ADG discounts during their purchases. It shows you if your ADG and Shopify collabs campaign was effective. 
  • Analyze the traffic driven to your Shopify store during and after the collaborative campaign.
  • Calculate the ROI by comparing the revenue generated from the collaboration to the total expenses, including marketing costs and discounts offered.

Keeping track of your sales and marketing expenditure will help you understand if your Shopify collabs are helping you or if they need any tweaks. 

Amp Up Your E-Commerce With Shopify Collabs and ADGs Today! 

Standing out among millions of Shopify stores is no small feat. That said, it is not impossible either. It is where you need something out of the box. The innovative amalgamation of Shopify collabs with ADGs can be a game-changer. 

Collaborative marketing, powered by influencer-driven campaigns, blends seamlessly with ADG to improve customer experiences and boost brand reach. While ADG simplifies availing discounts, Shopify collabs add a sense of excitement. So, what are you waiting for? Add this cost-effective strategy to your marketing plan today! 


Can you combine automatic discounts with discount codes on Shopify?

Yes, you can set up both automatic discounts and discount codes to combine on your Shopify store. With this Shopify collab, a customer can use a maximum of five discount codes at once. 

What is an automatic discount?

An automatic discount is when the promotion you offer doesn’t require any code. Instead, it is automatically applied when the customer meets the conditions of the promotion. 

Why isn’t my automatic discount working on Shopify?

Go to your Shopify admin panel and see if the discount is active. You can do it by checking the start and end date. Once everything is in order, test to see if everything is working fine. 

What is an example of an automatic discount?

For instance, you are shopping on a Shopify store. You notice that a third item has been added for free automatically as you met the promotion’s criteria. 

Which is better, discount codes or automatic discounts?

Automatic discounts are better because they are hassle-free for the customers and prevent them from applying multiple discount codes on a single order during the checkout. 

Boost your sales with ADG! Create irresistible gifts, upsells, and custom deals in minutes.

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Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews
Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews