Order Bump vs. Upsell: The Difference Explained


Whether you have physical locations or online shops, store owners all have one thing in common: You want to increase sales. If you own a store, multiple sales and marketing tactics can help you reach this goal.

Order bumps and upselling are two strategies commonly used by Shopify stores, but many people confuse the two terms. Order bump vs. upsell: Which is right for you?

What Are Order Bumps and Upsells?

order bump vs upsell

Both of these sales and marketing tactics encourage shoppers to spend more money. Although each has similar goals, how you present them to your customers differs. One method does not replace the other, so you need to understand what each entails.

Order Bumps

Online sellers typically present order bumps to customers on their checkout page to encourage impulse buys or add-on purchases that complement the cart’s contents. This tactic is similar to what physical stores have done for decades.

In brick-and-mortar retail stores, candy displays or an assortment of smaller, commonly purchased items typically line the sides of checkout aisles to increase customer spending. These displays are convenient, stocked with desirable products to appeal to customers, and strategically placed so people spend time beside them while waiting in line.

Online order bumps usually:

  • Provide immediate benefits
  • Are relatively inexpensive
  • Either pair well with items customers have viewed or placed in their carts or are highly desirable products
  • Use a one-click add option

You can see an increase in average order value by customizing your order bumps and tailoring them to individual customers.

Order bumps might provide a one-click purchase option for:

  • An accessory to the primary purchase, such as a fast charger with a phone case
  • Products that the customer buys from your store frequently
  • Time-sensitive purchases, such as holiday gifts or seasonal decor
  • Items that you don’t plan to restock
  • New products that customers might not know you carry but relate to their cart contents or buying habits

You’ll need to think carefully about your goals, customer trends, timing, and item availability when choosing how to implement order bumps.


Upselling also encourages customers to spend more money, but this technique uses different methods and prompts existing customers to purchase a higher-priced item instead of the one they already selected.

Upselling might offer:

  • A higher-priced similar product as an enticing alternative
  • A subscription rather than a one-time purchase
  • A related product to one just purchased using a one-click buying option

Online sellers may use upselling on product listing or cart pages, during checkout, or after a checkout is complete via emails or order confirmation pages.

Order Bump vs. Upsell: Which Is Better?

Knowing your audience, purpose, and goals helps you determine if order bumps vs upsell opportunities is best.

When comparing order bumps and upsells, there is no clear winner as to which option works better. Various factors apply, such as your overall goals and whether customers respond to your efforts.

  • Your goal: Order bumps increase average order value, but upselling can entice customers to buy more expensive products.
  • Your profit vs. conversion: Order bumps have higher conversion rates with minimal expenditures, while you should see increased profits but lower conversion rates with upsells.
  • Primary purchase: Using order bumps usually doesn’t affect a customer’s primary purchase, while upselling can create confusion about the primary purchase and increase cart abandonments or delay purchasing decisions.

There is no reason you can’t utilize both order bumps and upselling in your Shopify store, but be careful not to inundate customers with high-pressure tactics.

What Is the Psychology Behind Order Bumps and Upselling?

Human behavior is often predictable, and these sales tactics appeal because of things like convenience, personalized user experience, and the desire to get a great deal. Understanding these behaviors and related psychology can help you create successful order bumps and upselling opportunities.

Customer Convenience

Gone are the days when you had to use the postal service to mail in a catalog order and wait weeks to get your package without knowing when it would arrive. Today’s technology allows consumers to make instant purchases, track shipments, and receive orders quickly.

This convenience is taken for granted, and customers appreciate how you can simplify their shopping experience. Order bumps and upsells provide convenient ways for customers to discover and add items to shopping carts.

Personalized User Experience

A tailored sales and marketing approach can make your customers believe you understand their preferences or needs and want to cater to them. If customers buy shoes, suggest socks as an order bump or upsell a pricier pair of shoes with added value, such as better materials, arch support, or faster shipping.

Suggesting products that don’t relate to your customers likely won’t produce sales and may alienate them.

Perceived Value

Upsell vs. order bump: Both might result in a perceived increase of value by the customer.

Everyone wants to believe they got a good deal. A good deal might be finding a better product than you initially intended to purchase, getting a discount for bundles or subscriptions, or a free trial to help you decide if you want to make a long-term commitment.

You must research how your clients perceive value and adapt your order bump and upsell strategies accordingly.

If you’re sold on adding order bumps and upselling to your sales tactic toolbox, your next concern is how to accomplish it.

Are Order Bumps and Upselling Easy To Integrate?

Shopify store owners can choose apps that integrate seamlessly into their sites, making utilizing these sales tactics simple. The right apps offer robust sales features and easy customization with no coding required.

The Ultimate Upsell, Carter, and ADG apps help Shopify sellers optimize sales with order bumps, upselling, and other tools.

Choose ADG To Help With Order Bumps and Upselling

Over 8,000 Shopify stores use ADG apps, giving our products a 4.6/5-star rating. ADG understands the benefits of order bump and upsell tactics, helping online stores take advantage of these selling opportunities. You can view an online demo store to see how these apps can work for you, and you can select the pricing plan that fits your needs and budget.

If you have questions about order bumps, upselling, or other features, contact ADG today.

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Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews
Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews