Top 10+ Shopify Apps You Must Have On Your Store


The path to a profitable ecommerce business is riddled with obstacles. As an online entrepreneur building a Shopify store, you need a robust set of tools to navigate the challenges of capturing attention, boosting sales, and scaling your venture. 

Fortunately, the Shopify app ecosystem offers many solutions to propel your business forward. In this guide, we’ve compiled some of the highest-rated apps trusted by successful Shopify store owners to fuel growth. 

From apps that increase traffic and conversions through intelligent marketing and customer service, to those that optimize sales through upselling and bundling, to ones enhancing user experience through innovative store design, there are apps to address every need. Let’s get started!

The 10+ most important Shopify apps for ecommerce stores

This article contains many tools you may or may not need depending on your products. To make it easier for you, the list is broken down into multiple categories which you can skim through. 

Best Shopify apps for customer experience and engagement

These apps are some of the most important ones for most of the Shopify stores. No matter the product you sell, customer engagement and experience determine your conversion rates and retention. Here are some of the best Shopify apps to help you improve those. 

1. Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

Kiwi Sizing lets your customers choose the perfect size using its interactive size chart. This takes the guesswork out of buying apparel online and helps ensure your customers get a great fit with their first purchase.     

With Kiwi Sizing, you can create customized size charts for each product in your store. Your customers simply enter their measurements and Kiwi recommends the best size to choose based on that item’s specific size properties. This helps avoid the need for returns or exchanges due to poor fit and leaves your customers with a smile. 

Key Features

  • Personalized Size Recommendations: This feature uses machine learning technology to analyze your customers’ data and provide them with the most accurate size recommendations possible. It considers factors like previous purchases, returns, and product information to generate these suggestions. This reduces the likelihood of returns due to size issues and leads to a more satisfying shopping experience for your customers.
  • Size Charts: With Kiwi, you can easily create and manage visually consistent and easy-to-read size charts for all your products. These size charts can be as detailed as you need them to be and can include multiple measurement types. By providing comprehensive size charts, you help your customers choose the correct size, reducing the likelihood of returns and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Customizable Sizing Tools: All the sizing tables and information you create can be tailored and presented to customers in a way that matches your brand’s look and feel. You have the flexibility to choose the layout and the relevant information you want to display. This could include specific sizing dimensions, fitting tips, or any other information that you think will help your customers make more informed purchasing decisions.
  • Built-in Unit Conversion: Kiwi’s built-in unit conversion tool automatically converts sizing units to cater to your global audience. This means your customers don’t need to manually convert measurements from inches to centimeters or vice versa. This tool makes it easier for international customers to understand the sizes of your products, thereby enhancing their shopping experience.


  • Free Plan: Offers full style customization, automatic unit conversion, advanced product matching feature, and allows for 2 published size charts.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at $6.99/month, it includes everything in the Free Plan, plus size recommender, recommender input data analytics, and 30 days of in-app analytics.
  • Ultimate Plan: Priced at $12.49/month, this plan includes all the features from the free and premium plans along with the size recommender and the recommender data input analytics. It also offers 30-day historical analytics data for overall app usage.

2. Shopify Email

Shopify Email lets you create email marketing campaigns and newsletters to build relationships with your customers. Send beautifully designed emails tailored to your brand and link directly to products, so customers can easily shop. 

With Shopify Email, you can create customized email campaigns for your store. Your customers simply subscribe to your mailing list and you can keep them up to date on the latest products, sales, and more. This helps drive repeat customers and increase customer lifetime value. 

Key features

  • Create targeted email marketing campaigns: Design customized campaigns to reach different customer segments. Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates or start from scratch. Segment your list based on customer attributes like location, purchase history, etc. to create highly targeted campaigns.
  • Match emails to your brand: Select a template or customize an email with your brand colors, fonts, and logo for a cohesive experience for subscribers. Upload your own images or choose from free stock photos. 
  • Link directly to products: Effortlessly link to products, collections, or your homepage. Make it easy for subscribers to shop directly from your emails.
  • Manage subscriber lists and see analytics: Import your existing mailing lists or capture new subscribers at checkout and on-site. Check your email opens, clicks, and unsubscribes and see how your campaigns are performing to optimize for the best results.


Free to Install: Shopify Email provides a free installation, allowing users to send up to 10,000 manual or automated emails each month at no cost. Once this limit is exceeded, a nominal fee of $1 USD is charged for every additional 1,000 emails sent, thus providing a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses with diverse email marketing requirements.

3. Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox is one of the most powerful tools you can use as an ecommerce store owner. Considering all the channels that your customers are on, it can be overwhelming to stay active on all of them. 

Shopify Inbox simplifies this by bringing all the chats and conversations from your communication channels under a single dashboard. Within the app, you have a unified view of live chats, Facebook Messenger exchanges, SMS conversations, and messages through Apple Business Chat. 

The app allows agents to seamlessly switch between conversations, view full message history for context, see real-time typing indicators, and also improve communication through the use of emojis and images. 


  • Chat Anytime from Anywhere: Easily chat with customers from the Shopify Inbox mobile app or web app. You can manage multiple conversations at once, see message history, and send images and emojis.
  • Instant Answers: Create pre-written responses to frequently asked questions about shipping, returns, promotions, and more. This allows you to quickly provide customers with information while maintaining a consistent brand voice.  
  • Cart Actions: When chatting with a customer, you can see what items they have added to their cart. You can then recommend related products or offer a discount code to help convert the sale.  
  • Message Classification: Shopify Inbox automatically identifies chats that are more likely to lead to a sale so you can prioritize those conversations. It looks at factors like cart contents, browsing behavior, and more to determine chat intent.
  • Insights and Analytics: Get data on chat volume, response times, popular products, and more. See which saved responses and instant answers are most used. Optimize your customer service based on actionable insights. 


  • Shopify Inbox is completely free.

4. Klaviyo – Email and SMS

If you have been a store owner for a while, you have heard of Klaviyo. This app helps ecommerce brands and direct-to-consumer companies build personalized relationships with their customers at scale. While it also does email, Klaviyo is popularly known for its SMS marketing features that allow you to engage with customers on the channel that has the highest open rates of all – text messages.


  • Easy Segmentation: Klaviyo allows you to segment your audience based on your Shopify data, such as purchase frequency, specific items bought, and which posts they’ve read on your blog. It also has a Smart Sending feature, which sends each email campaign at the optimal time for each subscriber. There is built-in automation for creating useful email flows, such as welcome series, back-in-stock alerts, and more​.
  • Easy Templates: Klaviyo has an easy-to-use design editor that lets you drag and drop elements into each email. It also allows you to dynamically insert products that each user has browsed or added to their cart​.
  • Powerful Analytics: Klaviyo comes with pre-built reports to help you track all the important metrics, although it doesn’t track replies​.
  • SMS Marketing: Klaviyo allows you to use the phone numbers collected at checkout to send text message campaigns. This can include automatic discount codes, shipping and delivery notifications, and welcome flows​.
  • Accurate Omnichannel Attribution: Klaviyo allows you to understand exactly how each of your campaigns is performing across different channels, including SMS messages, forms, social targeting, and push notifications​.


  • Free Plan: Klaviyo’s free plan offers a generous 250 contacts for emails and 150 SMS/MMS credits. This plan provides a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, including the ability to create and automate email/SMS campaigns, design forms and push notifications and use tools to target specific groups of customers and personalize messages. Plus, predictive analytics help anticipates customer behavior and optimize your marketing strategies.
  • Email Plan ($20/month): In this plan, Klaviyo supports up to 500 contacts and has the flexibility to grow as your business expands. Apart from this, you also gain access to live chat support.
  • SMS Plan ($15/month): Klaviyo’s SMS plan supports up to 1250 SMS/MMS credits, with the option to upgrade as your requirements increase. This plan enhances your marketing with a library of multi-channel automated flows for coordinated campaigns, the ability to have 2-way conversations with customers, customizable reports for in-depth insights, and SMS opt-in forms for growing your contact list.

For a full list of pricing information, you may want to visit Klaviyo’s pricing plans page.

5. Minta – Automated Social Posting

Minta is a social media automation app that helps Shopify merchants create and post social media videos, images, and product listings automatically. The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create high-quality videos and images that are tailored to each social media platform. 

Minta also offers a variety of scheduling and analytics features to help merchants track the performance of their social media campaigns.


  • AI-powered video creation: Minta uses AI to create high-quality videos that are tailored to each social media platform. The app can create videos from scratch or from existing product photos and videos.
  • Automatic image creation: Minta can also automatically create images from product photos and videos. These images can be used for social media posts, product listings, and other marketing materials.
  • Social media scheduling: Minta allows merchants to schedule social media posts in advance. This can help merchants save time and ensure that they are always posting fresh content on their social media channels.
  • Social media analytics: Minta provides detailed analytics about the performance of your social media campaigns. This data can help you track the reach, engagement, and conversions of your posts.


Minta offers three pricing plans: Free, Pro, and Growth. Each of these plans also has a 14-day free trial.

  • The Free Plan: The free starter plan is perfect for those dipping their toes in social video marketing. With this plan, you get access to 5 video downloads each month and we’ll automatically create videos spotlighting products in your store catalog.
  • The Pro Plan: This plan is for those gaining traction and wanting to do more. For $20.75/month, you get unlimited video downloads, access to our Minta Planner to map out content strategy, auto-posting to major platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, professional-grade video templates and music, and the option to use your own music. This plan is for those ready to invest in their social video success. 
  • The Growth Plan: This plan has all the features of the Pro Plan but with the extra power and personalization you need to scale up. For $33/month, you get unlimited video posts, a dedicated account manager, and priority support. We designed this plan specifically for businesses that have momentum and need a partner to help spur their growth to the next level through social video. The flexibility and high-touch service of this plan suit companies poised for big growth.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales and Conversion Optimization

Once you’ve taken care of customer engagement and experience, you also need to optimize the site for sales and conversions. A happy customer will still not make a purchase if the offer or the product isn’t right for them. The apps in this section help you create packages and deals that will have your customers drooling over your products, eager to make the purchase. 

1. BoxBuilder

BoxBuilder is a Shopify app that allows you to create custom product bundles and gift boxes to increase your average order value and revenue. The app offers limitless customizations, including adjusting the price, automatic discounts, and more. BoxBuilder also allows customers to filter items by collections or product titles in each step and offers two builder theme layout options, infinite color, and styling customizations.


  • Create custom product bundles: With BoxBuilder, you can create custom product bundles that are tailored to your specific needs. You can choose the products that you want to include in the bundle, as well as the price and quantity of each product.
  • Add discounts to bundles: You can add discounts to your bundles to encourage customers to buy them. You can also set up automatic discounts that are applied to bundles when customers add certain products to their cart.
  • Create gift boxes: With BoxBuilder, you can create gift boxes that are perfect for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. You can choose the products that you want to include in the gift box, as well as the design of the box.
  • Customize the look and feel of your bundles: You can customize the look and feel of your bundles to match your brand. You can change the colors, fonts, and text of your bundles.
  • Track the performance of your bundles: BoxBuilder provides detailed analytics about the performance of your bundles. You can see how many bundles have been sold, as well as the average order value for bundles.


BoxBuilder offers a single pricing plan priced at $24.99/month. This plan provides you with:

  • Unlimited bundles
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited creation steps
  • Automatic and tiered discounts
  • Custom forms
  • Custom messages 

2. ADG ‑ Automatic Discount & GWP

ADG is a powerful discounting tool that extends Shopify’s existing discount features. Along with creating simple discounts like free shipping and BOGO, ADG also gives you the flexibility to create custom conditional discounts. 

You can target a specific set of users and products, enable discounts after a specific number of orders, and more. ADG can also help you create automatic discounts for Shopify so customers never have to enter a coupon code too.


  • Effortlessly manage all your promotions in one app: With ADG, you can activate pre-built promotions in just one click and match your store’s design and brand guidelines. This makes it easy to create promotions that look professional and are consistent with your brand.
  • Gift with purchase: ADG helps you extend Shopify’s discount functionality with gifts, upsells, and custom deals. This means you can offer free gifts to your customers when they make a purchase, which can help increase your sales and customer loyalty.
  • BOGO (Buy One Get One): ADG allows you to offer a free product when a customer buys a specific product. This can be a great way to encourage customers to buy more and increase your sales.
  • Member-only offers: ADG allows you to offer member-only discounts to your customers. This can be a great way to reward your loyal customers and encourage them to keep coming back.
  • Apply discounts to product variants: ADG allows you to apply discounts to specific colors, sizes, or styles of a product. This means you can offer discounts on specific products, which can help you target your promotions more effectively.
  • Integrates with other apps: ADG integrates with other Shopify apps such as Privy, Checkout, and Recharge. This means you can use ADG alongside other apps to create a more powerful and effective promotion strategy.


  • Test the Waters: Free to install, 2.9% success fee, no base monthly fee. You are charged only if the app helps to convert sales. For example, you pay $2.90 for every $100 in additional sales.
  • Most Popular: $49.99/month, 0.6% success fee, $49.99 base monthly fee. You are charged if the app helps to convert sales. For example, you pay $0.60 for every $100 in additional sales.
  • Enterprise: $400/month, billed at $4,800 once per year, no success fee. $4,800 billed yearly. Onboarding call, promotion setup, priority support, and store conversion audit.

3. Ultimate Upsells and cross-sells

 When it comes to increasing your average order values, nothing comes close to upselling and cross-selling. With Ultimate Upsells and Cross-sells, you can make the process of creating these offers easier and more streamlined. Think of it like you’re creating an experience similar to the McDonald’s checkout experience—would you like fries and coke with that? 


  • Upsell bundles, add-ons, and subscription-based items: You can upsell bundles, add-ons, and subscription-based items in web storefronts during checkout, and sellers have access to awesome products that both excite shoppers while simultaneously providing efficient cross-selling opportunities.
  • Display upsells when and where you want: You can define when and where the upsells should be displayed. This feature allows you to customize the upsell experience for your customers and ensure that the offers are displayed at the right time and place.
  • Customizable design: The app offers customizable design options that allow merchants to match the upsell experience with their store’s branding. This feature ensures that the upsell experience looks seamless and professional, without the “bolted-on” look.
  • Replace items in the cart with a better, bigger offer: This feature allows merchants to replace items in the cart with a better, bigger offer, which can lead to higher sales.


  • Basic Shopify: $19.99/month for shops on the Shopify Basic plan
  • Shopify: $29.99/month for shops on the Shopify plan
  • Advanced Shopify: $39.99/month for shops on the Advanced Shopify plan
  • Shopify Plus: $49.99/month for shops on the Shopify Plus plan

4. Moonship — AI-powered discounts

Moonship is an AI-based discount app available on the Shopify App Store. It helps convert on-the-fence shoppers with a personalized, one-time discount pop-up. The app automatically profiles all customers that come to your site and matches them against the tens of millions of profiles that Moonship has already built to date, in a machine-learning model.


  • Personalized AI-based discounts: Moonship leverages machine learning to show personalized offers that fit the visitor’s profile, thus ensuring additional revenue. The app profiles all customers that come to your site and matches them against the tens of millions of profiles that Moonship has already built to date, in a machine-learning model. This allows the app to offer personalized discounts to on-the-fence, price-sensitive customers who need just a little nudge to buy.
  • Branded pop-ups: Moonship offers a one-time discount pop-up that is branded to your store. This pop-up is designed to catch the attention of visitors who are about to make a purchase but need a little push. The pop-up offers a personalized discount that is tailored to the visitor’s profile, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Automatic profiling of customers: Moonship automatically profiles all customers that come to your site, allowing the app to offer personalized discounts that fit the visitor’s profile. This profiling is done in a machine-learning model that matches the visitor’s profile against the tens of millions of profiles that Moonship has already built to date.
  • Unlimited discounts: Moonship offers unlimited discounts on both its Basic and Pro plans. This means that you can offer as many personalized discounts as you want to your visitors, increasing the chances of conversion.


  • Free plan: Moonship offers a completely free plan that offers all the features you need to get AI-powered discounting set up on your store.
  • Premium plan: With the paid plan, you no longer have the Moonship logo under your discount prompts and can access a dedicated support team 24×7.

Both plans charge 2% on Moonship orders which means this app only makes money if you do.

Other important Shopify apps you may need on a case-to-case basis

While the apps listed above solve some of the most common problems that ecommerce store owners faced, these apps below are some of the useful ones depending on your business requirements. 

1. Evey Events – Everything you need for event ticketing and management

Evey is a Shopify app that provides a comprehensive solution for ecommerce store owners who also host events. The app allows users to sell tickets, manage sales, manage attendees, and check in accounts, all from a single dashboard. 

Users can also customize how their tickets look and how they are sent, with options including PDF, SMS, Apple Wallet, or Digital Tickets. The app also offers top-notch customization tools, including reserved seating and multi-vendor support.


  • Unlimited events and ticket types: Evey enables you to create unlimited events and ticket types, making it easy to manage all aspects of their events from a single dashboard without ever leaving your Shopify admin panel.
  • Customizable tickets and sales pages: With Evey, you can take complete control over the customizability of tickets and your sales pages. Organizers can design the sales page and the tickets to match the event theme, giving the event a professional and cohesive look.
  • Check-in tickets: To make things even simpler, Evey’s tickets are scannable at the venue for check-in and attendance confirmation. Each ticket has a unique QR code that you can scan with Evey’s mobile apps and manage the attendance from your Shopify dashboard.
  • Attendee messages/scheduled reminders: Evey allows users to send messages and reminders to attendees, ensuring that they have all the information they need to attend the event.
  • Recurring events: If you host recurring events, you do not have to create the events over and over again. Let Evey do the hard work while you only set the dates for your events. Evey sets up the events and enables your customers to purchase tickets for future events automatically. 
  • Create different ticket types: For larger events, you may need customizability with the type of seats, tiered tickets, and more. Evey has it all built into the features of the app. 


  • Lite plan: Evey starts free with access to unlimited events and ticket types. You also have access to ticket customization, the ticket info dashboard, and the events calendar. This plan charges you $1 per ticket sold.
  • Standard plan: At $49/month, you get everything in the Lite plan plus the ability to check-in tickets, manage attendee messages, schedule reminders, and set up recurring events. This plan charges a $0.5 fee per ticket sold.
  • Professional plan: If you regularly host large events, this plan may be perfect for you. At $189/month at $0.25 per ticket sold, you get access to all standard and lite plan features. Apart from that, you can also integrate with popular apps like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Zoom, and Shopify POS to streamline your event management operations even further. You can also set up reserved seating and multi-vendor dashboards and accounts to ensure collaboration right from the Shopify dashboard.

Evey offers additional plans that lower the fees per ticket even further which may be suitable for larger enterprises, looking for more personalized services.

2. Shogun 

Shogun is an app for Shopify stores that lets you build custom landing pages without needing to code. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface to create professional pages for your store. With a selection of slick templates to start from, you can then fully customize your pages. Add your own images, tweak fonts and colors, adjust layouts, and include features like countdown timers or email signup forms if you want.

Shogun works seamlessly with your existing Shopify store and the end results will look like native pages. Support is available to help you with any questions. Pricing is very affordable for the power it gives you to craft high-quality pages and boost your Shopify store’s results.


  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor: Shogun has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily drag and drop elements onto their pages. This makes it easy for users to create pages without needing any coding knowledge. Users can modify every component, adjust, move, and delete headings, images, product blocks, etc.
  • Beautiful templates: Shogun offers a library of 30+ templates that users can choose from. These templates are designed to be mobile-friendly and can be customized to fit the user’s needs. Users can design fast with conversion-focused templates.
  • Detailed analytics: Shogun provides users with an analytics dashboard that allows them to track the performance of their pages. Users can see how many visitors their pages are getting, how long visitors are staying on their pages, and more. This feature is available in some plans.
  • A/B testing: Shogun allows users to run A/B tests on their pages to see which version performs better. This feature is available in some plans. Users can continually optimize their pages to drive key results.
  • Basic SEO fields: Shogun provides users with basic SEO fields that allow them to optimize their pages for search engines. Users can add meta titles, descriptions, and keywords to their pages.
  • Forms for email capture: Shogun allows users to add forms to their pages to capture email addresses from visitors. Users can use these email addresses for email marketing campaigns.
  • Integration with other apps: Shogun integrates with other apps such as Google Analytics, Adobe Typekit, YouTube, Klaviyo, Yotpo, and Instagram. This allows users to add more functionality to their pages.


  • The Free plan offers a powerful drag-n-drop page builder, basic page building elements, and pre-styled content blocks. It also includes SEO controls and email support. Users can try out Shogun’s page builder without committing to a paid plan.
  • The Build plan costs $39/month and includes everything in the Free plan plus more unique page elements, mobile responsive design, custom template creation, custom ‘Snippets’, and version control. This plan is a good option for those who want to create custom-built pages for their Shopify or BigCommerce store.
  • The Measure plan costs $149/month and includes everything in the Build plan plus content scheduling, in-builder image optimization controls, and live chat support. This plan is a good option for those who want to optimize their pages and get assistance with their pages.
  • The Advanced plan costs $499/month and includes everything in the Measure plan plus content syncing across stores, custom coded elements, custom data collections, user permissions, and audit logs. This plan is the most expensive plan, but it offers the most features. It is a good option for those who need advanced customization options and want to keep track of changes made to their pages.

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Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews
Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews