What Are the 4 Stages of Upselling?


The math is pretty simple: the more sales you make, the better your profits are.

Sales associates in brick-and-mortar stores have the chance to upsell to their customers, but online stores don’t have the same opportunity — or do they? ADG explains the four stages of upselling and how you can accomplish it through your Shopify store.

4 Stages of Upselling Your Products

4 stages of upselling for Shopify store owners.

Upselling is convincing your customers that there is a better alternative than the product they planned to buy. Upselling might lead the customer to discard and replace the original item with a higher-priced option, purchase a bundle that includes the item, or buy a subscription.

In each of these instances, the customer planned to buy a single item in a one-time purchase. Upselling convinced them that they get a better value by taking a slightly different action. With successful upselling, customers feel good about their shopping prowess, and sellers make more money.

How can you use the four stages of upselling successfully?

1. Focus on Your Customer

Your customer is on your site to make a purchase. They may know exactly what they want, or they might browse through your listings. The products customers view and add to their carts give you an idea of what they’re likely to purchase and the amount they’re willing to spend.

2. Decide What To Upsell

Business owners consider which products to suggest as part of the 4 stages of upselling.

You need to choose reasonable alternatives that give your customers a perceived better value while not making over-the-top or irrelevant suggestions. When deciding what to upsell, consider:

  • Is your suggested product of a similar nature? If a customer is looking at computer tablets, offering bath towels isn’t appropriate. Other tablets or bundles that include a tablet and case are better upselling options.
  • Does it have enough differences to make paying a higher price worthwhile? Does your recommended item have better reviews, a newer operating system, or additional features?
  • Is the cost discrepancy significant? If your customer wants to spend $80 for a new tablet, they’re unlikely to choose a $200 alternative. Choose $100-$125 options that are worth the extra cash.

You want your customer to think, “I’m paying a bit more, but look what a great deal I’m getting!”

3. Present the Upselling Option(s)

How and when you make your upselling pitch is as important as what you offer. There are many options:

  • Bundles or “customers also viewed” sections on product pages
  • Pop-ups when customers add items to their cart
  • Notifications when customers go to the checkout page
  • Subscription-based price reductions on appropriate items

Different products lend themselves better to some methods. You can choose what works best for the products you sell.

4. Follow Through

Thank your customer for their purchase. Follow through with shipping and delivery notifications. Provide excellent customer service at every stage of the transaction.

Most people don’t react well if they think you are pushing them to buy something they don’t need. Show your clients that you respect them by carefully considering your upselling strategies. You will likely gain loyalty and more profits.

How ADG Can Help With the 4 Stages of Upselling

With the ADG Ultimate Upsell app, you can easily create compelling offers that customers appreciate. You control when and how to display your manually curated or automated upselling suggestions with no coding necessary. This affordable yet powerful app integrates easily with your Shopify store.

Increase your online sales with the four stages of upselling in one app. For any questions, contact ADG today.

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Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews
Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews