What Is an Upsell in Shopify?


What is an upsell in Shopify? You can use this sales technique to encourage customers to buy higher priced products. Find out what upselling is and learn about the best ways to upsell products in your Shopify store.

What Is an Upsell in Shopify?

An upsell is a value proposition that suggests shoppers spend more to get more. When a customer already intends to make a purchase, you can showcase the advantages of one or two products at higher price points to persuade the customer to buy one of these items instead.

Upselling involves suggesting products in the same category that serve the same purpose. Cross-selling is a similar approach for promoting items that are related to a particular product. While both of these strategies can drive up the average order value for your store, the goal of upselling is to get customers to buy premium products instead of value offerings.

A successful upsell on Shopify involves convincing a customer to upgrade to a higher end product. There are a number of upselling techniques that you can use in your online store.

What Are the Best Upselling Techniques?

Placement and timing are essential for upselling. Once you know what an upsell is in Shopify, you should run these promotions on certain pages of your online store. 

You can introduce customers to products at different price points on your store home page or category pages. It is a good idea to wait until a customer visits a product page, accesses an out-of-stock product or navigates to the shopping cart before upselling on Shopify.

The most effective strategies make a persuasive case for why a customer should spend more on a purchase. Here are a few techniques for upselling:

  • Compare product features to justify a higher cost
  • Display positive ratings and reviews of a more expensive product
  • Feature testimonials from satisfied buyers of the premium option

Upsells can raise the average order value and customer lifetime value on your Shopify store. For the best results, run each upsell offer for several weeks and track the performance of the promotion. Based on this data, you can decide whether to upsell different products or run other types of promotions by using the Automatic Discounts and Upsells (ADU) app.

How Should Shopify Sellers Do Upselling?

You will need to offer more than one type of product in a category to upsell on your Shopify store. It is also important to price items with upselling in mind. The most successful upsells involve products that cost $20 to $50 more than lower priced alternatives.

Limiting the number of products that you upsell is also important. It is better to showcase the most relevant alternative to a budget item than to present customers with many options that could make them feel indecisive.

You can also upsell directly to customers. Try using live chat features on your storefront or targeted marketing to recommend premium products. Upselling can also go hand in hand with discounts that reduce the additional amount that customers must pay to upgrade while still encouraging them to spend more in your store.

How Do You Upsell in Shopify?

Once you understand what an upsell is in Shopify, you can use these techniques to increase customer spending. Install ADU now to upsell more effectively and manage other types of promotions in your online store.

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4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews
Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews