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BOGO offer in newsletter, with a discounted pre-filled cart

Requires the Automatic Discount app for Shopify.

Video recap


Five Skincare is German store (Zurich) completely committed to organic cosmetics. The FIVE products are vegan and exclusively available online in Switzerland and in the EU.


Five Skincare wanted to reach out to their customers via email, with a Buy One Get One Free offer (BOGO). The thing is, making a BOGO offer on Shopify is complicated. For many reasons, but mainly for the limitations of Shopify when it comes to discounts' ease & flexibility.


Five Skincare built a great looking newsletter with a call-to-action leading to a pre-filled cart that contained 2 of the same product (Buy One get One Free).


The discount is no longer valid because they only made it for a limited time. The pre-filled cart still works, though.

Here's what Anna Pfeiffer, the owner, said about it:

We have used the pre-filled cart link for an email campaign, where customers can buy one product and get another for free. Our goal was to allow customers to do this with a single call-to-action event without having to manually add products to their shopping cart and then type in the discount code.


Some customers tried to stack other discount codes and the original code from the discounted pre-filled cart fell out. That's due to Shopify's limitation to one discount code per order. Any discount code entered manually at checkout (our in the Cart using the Carter app) will overwrite the discount attached to the pre-filled cart.

Results (Conversion)

The results were oustanding. Five Skincare reached a 13% conversion rate (87 sales of 674 opened e-mails) and cashed in €5780.


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