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BOGO Offer On a Collection Where Products Have The Same Price - Automatic Discount for Shopify

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How can I setup a buy 1 get 1 free (or 2 for 1, same thing) promotion on all our leggings. All prices are the same.


Discounts section of Shopify

Let's say your leggings products cost $28.95. Go to the Discounts section of Shopify, first.

Step 1: Create a $28.95 discount for your BOGO.

Step 2: Make it collection-specific to your leggings collection.

Step 3: Tick the box "Only apply discount once per order".

If you want to only offer a Buy 1 Get 1 free, but not a Buy 2 Get 2 free. If you want to give 1 free unit for each 1 purchase, then you can untick this box and give a $14.47 discount instead that applies to each item from this collection inside cart.

Step 4: You can add an additional restriction either based on a minimum purchase amount or a minimum quantity in cart, to make it "bullet proof".

The summary of your discount should look like this:

Automatic Discount App section

Step 5: Go to Apps > Automatic Discount

Step 6: Create a Basic rule (requires a premium account).

Important: if your BOGO requires to purchase 2 of the same product, then select the Basic rule "# of the same item >= 2". If your BOGO requires purchasing any 2 item of the collection, select the Basic rule "# of items >= 2". If your BOGO requires to select 2 different items, select the Basic rule "# of different items >= 2".

Step 7: Make sure the "Basic rule" radio button is selected

Step 8: Save and test (might take up to 5-10 minutes to propagate live).

👉 Install Automatic Discount

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