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BOGO offer on a specific product


We are currently looking for an app that will allow our users to input a discount code to claim a buy one get one offer. Shopify has already advised their discounts feature does not support BOGO offers, however they advised we could use your app to set rules to apply this without the use of a code.

We are currently using Free Gifts app for our BOGO offers, however it has served to be very confusing to our current customers.


Hi, yes you can.

  1. create a product specific discount applying only on this product. Go with a fixed $ discount and not a % discount.
  1. make sure this product has a unique Product Type
  1. Then in our app set your rule "# of the same item >= 2" and click See additional restriction and input the unique product type of this product.

Here is a different but similar example /give-product-b-free-if-product-a-is-in-the-cart/

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