Calendar theme repeating event

Calendar Theme for Shopify

Sell events, shows, conferences, courses, lessons, trainings, rentals
or any time-based service along physical products in your Shopify store

Demo stores Why Calendar
  • Calendar theme Shopify
  • Calendar theme Shopify
  • Calendar theme Shopify
Calendar theme Shopify

The Calendar theme is ideal for Shopify stores selling...

Event tickets & souvenirs


Sport gear & trainings


Art lessons & accessories


Chalet & Equipment rentals

Coming Soon

The Problem

There is no way to sell event-based services AND products on Shopify
without costly apps that require some hours to set up and some technical expertise.

A growing demand 

As stated in this post, several types of business selling other things than products, or selling products combined with any other service, are moving online. As Shopify Experts at Tabarnapp, we get a lot of local merchants from Montreal and nearby who are moving to selling online. For them, Shopify seems like a good choice, at least until they start to build their store... 

“ Building a Shopify store is harder than expected because of the merchant needs composed by a mix of products and time-based services like classes, trainings or any other event.”

An undeserved market

The market of selling time is huge and non-deserved. If we target narrower, the businesses selling products alongside courses, events, workshops and any other fixed-date productified service that is attached to a defined time slot, for example surf lessons for a surfboard store or show tickets for a guitar store, have a hard time setting up their Shopify store.

“ Selling fixed-date productified services that is attached to a defined time slot, for example surf lessons for a surfboard store have a hard time setting up their Shopify store. ”

The inefficience of the current solutions

Right now, Shopify merchants turn to third party apps like Appointment Booking, Product Booking, Booking App or BookThatApp, or a few other alternatives in the App store. We integrated these apps several times for clients who previously gave up trying them because it was long, hard to understand for non tech savvy people, expensive in the long run, overkill or simply not what they were looking for to sell event-based services. Other merchants embed some calendar tools like Google Calendar or Calendly in their store, but it usually can't be branded unless you subscribe to a monthly fee and doesn't feel native to your store.

Our Solution

Calendar theme Shopify

A calendar-based Shopify theme allowing stores to sell products and event-based services.
For example, a snowboard shop selling snowboard gear and snowboard lessons.

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Sell events

  • One-day event

    The Calendar theme allows you to organize your outstanding single-date event like a lesson, conference, show, fundraising, product launch, wedding... You can sell tickets online and grow your one-day event with Shopify and our new Shopify theme.

    Calendar theme one-day event

  • Multi-day event

    The Calendar theme allows you to create multi-day events like a congress, multi-day conference, special trip or a rental.

    Calendar theme multiple-day event

  • Repeating event

    You always give lessons on Thursday nights? Calendar theme allows you to repeat your event each Thursday by creating a single product in Shopify, occuring on multiple recurring dates. This way you can focus on teaching your mastery, rather than figthing with some complicated Shopify apps.

    Calendar theme repeating event

Sell event options

  • Types & Packages
    Sell better seats or a better user-experience

    Important people love to be VIP, so why not charing them more in exchange of an improved experience? If people are willing to pay more, offering a more expensive ticket than the general admission makes sense, doesn't it?

    Calendar theme Shopify

  • Duration
    Let customers pick the duration

    If you sell courses of different durations, you may want customers to select whether they want a 1-hour or a 2-hour class. To do that, use product variants to display a Duration dropdown in the event product page.

    Calendar theme Shopify

  • Equipment
    Rent gear or sell material

    People going to a class usually need equipment. You can either rent or sell them. Use variants (options) inside the event product to display a dropdown to rental gear or simply add equipment products to sell in your store.

    Calendar theme Shopify

  • Early-bird
    Sell cheaper tickets for first buyers
    or offer presale reservation

    Give people the largest discount possible on tickets through a pre-sale period. You get to decide how long the early bird lasts and how much of a discount you want to offer. For loyal fans or potential attendees, an early bird often provides enough of a discount to convince them to save their spot before general admission opens up.

    Calendar theme Shopify

  • Quantity discount
    The more

    Offer a discount for buying in multiple quantities (e.g. buy one get one OR group class), boost sales through pricing incentives and make your event sold out a lot faster.

    Calendar theme Shopify

  • YES or NO option
    Need a tutor? Yes.

    Use product variants to offer additional services or product attached to your event, or simply to ask questions to customers and get more info for a more personalized purchase.

    Calendar theme Shopify

  • Channel
    Online or offline?

    Nowadays, products and services can be consumed in person or online. If you teach painting, you might want to offer virtual classes or in-house lessons, or both.

    Calendar theme Shopify



Calendar Theme for Shopify

Calendar Theme for Shopify - 3 Licenses for the price of 2

Built by Tabarnapp,
Trusted by over 7000 Shopify merchants like you.


Calendar theme Shopify

Create an event

Create a product and assign a date & time to it

The Calendar theme utilize Shopify's product to allow you to create time-based products, specifying the date & time wihtin the Product Type field. You can create a one-day, multi-day or repeating event.

Calendar theme Shopify

Add options to your events

Offer different variants in your event page

Improve your event offer. Sell different options like duration, quality of experience, number of seats, accessories or gear required, and more.

  • Calendar theme Shopify
  • Calendar theme Shopify

Create an event category

Sell events in calendar-layout collection pages

Businesses giving classes like snowboard shops or niche stuff like piano or mountain bike lessons, need more than an improved default contact form with date & time pickers. They need a built-in calendar, with products or services being available in date & time slots.

  • Calendar theme Shopify
  • Calendar theme Shopify

Feature events in homepage

Showcase your upcoming events on the homepage

The Calendar theme allows merchants showcase in the homepage the upcoming events, in one or more categories (featured collections). On the left, you can see two calendar widget filled with recurring events, one calendar for art lessons, another calendar for art conferences.

Calendar theme Shopify

Showcase the following events

Sell other dates, venues, levels or required gear

Break down your offer to different dates, venues or levels. For example a course with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

The Calendar theme offers what we call a related events section. Other events from the same category are displayed automatically there. You can also manually pick the products to go there, for example to put the required gear.

  • Calendar theme Shopify
  • Calendar theme Shopify

Upsell gear, material & accessories

Sell physical products along your events

Selling events usually imply selling other products like equipment, souvenirs, name it. You sell required material so that your customers don't show up empty handed at their lesson, or you sell souvenirs so that your customers don't leave empty-handed from your show!


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Calendar Theme for Shopify

Calendar Theme for Shopify - 3 Licenses for the price of 2

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