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Carter's premade configs - List of Shopify themes

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With Carter, you can display a coupon field in your cart, or anywhere you want, so your customers can apply a discount before reaching the checkout.

The best part about it: you can set it up in one click in your store. Yeah, that's right! If premade configs exist for your theme, you will see a button that looks like this below, and you will be able to set it up with one single click.

List of themes we have a one-click setup, thanks to premade configurations

| Boundless (drawer)
| Simple (cart page)
| Debut (cart page)
| Pop (drawer)
| Jumpstart
| Label
| Prestige
| Narrative (cart page & drawer)
| Venture
| Supply
| Minimal
| Brooklyn
| Blockshop (cart page)
| Impulse (cart page & drawer)
| Parallax (cart page)
| Motion | (cart page & drawer)
| Icon (cart page & drawer)
| Pipeline (cart page & popup)
| Venue (cart page & popup)
| Symmetry (cart page)
| ShowTime (cart page & popup)
| Fashionopolism (cart page & drawer)
| Retina (cart page)
| Responsive (cart page)
| Vantage (cart page)
| Grid (cart page)
| Turbo
| Showcase (cart page)
| Startup (cart page)
| Sunrise (cart page)
| Modular (cart page)
| Mobilia (cart page)
| Atlantic (cart page & drawer)
| Mr Parker (cart page & drawer)
| Canopy (cart page & drawer)
| Pacific (cart page)
| Handy (cart page)
| Loft (cart page)
| Launch (cart page)
| Kingdom (cart page)
| Providence (cart page)
| Trademark (cart page & drawer)
| Artisan (cart page & drawer)
| Cascade (cart page & drawer)
| Label (cart page)
| Colors (cart page & drawer)
| Kagami (cart page & drawer)
| Ira (cart page & drawer)
| Palo Alto(cart page & drawer)
| Masonry (cart page)
| Galleria (cart page & drawer)
| Local (cart page & drawer)
| Maker (cart page & popup)
| District

My theme is not listed above, what should I do?

If your theme doesn't have any premade configs yet, you can submit a ticket from within the Carter app admin or from here to make the configs for you (fees can apply).

My friend uses the same theme, can I import his configs?

If your theme is not in the list above and someone you know using the same theme as you made some custom configs, he/she can share the configs with you and you can import them in one click, following these instructions.

Are the configs mobile-friendly?

All premade configurations we implement should look great on any device. We use your theme's CSS classes to make the configs, which means we don't write new CSS nor overwrite anything. If your theme looks great on mobile, then the coupon field should too. If you encounter any issue, please submit a ticket.

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