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Common Q/A about the Milestones app

Regarding the multiple discounts, does this only mean multiple discounts within the one reward? Or would customers be able to redeem multiple rewards that are applicable to them? If yes to the second question, could we control which rewards they could redeem if they select multiple rewards?

Only one deal (milestone) can be claimed per order, but inside this milestone you can put multiple benefits (eg. discount + free shipping). Eg:

We would like to be able to do customer specific or target specific customer groups, would we be able to do this through Shopify tags on customers or not? If not, is there another way to do group specific deals?

Yes, you can use customer tags in the RULES. Eg: 

Can we select one of our product lines to apply a specific deal to, or would it apply over all products if for example we do: FREE PRODUCT AND FREE SHIPPING IF 3 PRODUCT A ARE PURCHASED. I.e. Can we select what product A is for a deal?

Yes you can select specific products for the RULES and for the BENEFITS. Eg:

We would be running a trial of your app before we make any decisions.

We offer a 14-day free trial.

While we run the trial, is there anyway to run it without publishing the app live onto our website? Or would we be able to tag staff only accounts for any deal we test?

The floating icon won't be displayed to customers by default. Only to admin users.

For more info, we made a full demo video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DEueWMKhT0&t=233s&list=PLGYOZMSnTXxX8qyKW2JyZcne9NMWiIpbx&index=8

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