Conversion Icons for Shopify

Use Conversion Icons to boost customer trust and increase your conversion rate

Add icons or images anywhere in your store without coding skills

Boost Trust & Confidence

Answer customers' questions before they ask

Boost Conversion & Sales

Add icons that affect positively shopping decisions

Damn easy to setup

conversion icons shopify
Select Icons & Sets

Choose from free font awesome icons, upload yours or hire our designer. Add them into icon sets. Display one or more sets in your store.

Add details & Select color, size

Select the icons, add a label title, choose the color, the size and an optional hover text to add more details.

Or upload your own icons

You can also upload an image with trust and security badges and then use a widget to choose the location in your store.

No coding skills needed to insert icons in your theme

conversion icons for shopify

1. Pick the icon set

2. Select the location

3. Tweak the style

4. Publish it

Conversion icons that sell for you

conversion icons for shopify
  • ✓ Six customers out of 10 didn't complete a purchase at some point because the store didn't have any trust icons.
  • ✓ Two customers out of 10 will never buy anything from you because they are concerned about security.
  • ✓ It's a pain to edit your theme files and a developer will charge you $200+ to help you do it.
  • Trustmarks bring more trust to a store than a beautiful design or friends referral.
  • ✓ In average, trust badges increase sales by at least 10%.

When simple icons change the whole game

  • Adding trust icons below my Add to Cart button increased my conversion rate by 1%. Consider the average store at a 2% Conversion Rate, this is huge! And now with this app anyone can add sets of icons anywhere on their store.
    Phil Kyprianou

Quick demo of the Conversion Icons app

Take a look at how you can boost your sales in the simplest manner possible: displaying icons below the Add to Cart button, in the header, footer or anywhere else in your store.

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Display one or more conversion icons to boost your sales

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You can customize the text, color and size of each icon, and also upload yours!

Click on the 4 icons to get custom Images

The Conversion Icons app in 4 screenshots

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  • automatic-discount-shopify
  • automatic-discount-app
  • automatic-discount

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