Coupons in Cart on Shopify

Empower customers to apply a discount in the cart and see savings before going to checkout.

You lose sales because customers can't apply their coupon before checkout

Customers are afraid to click "Checkout" before applying their coupon, and they can't find where to input it. So they leave.

claim discount button checkout

Integrates with any theme

Seamlessly integrate with your theme, when CSS classes are matched. One-click premade configurations available for popular themes.

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Add a coupon field in cart

Customers don't know where to input their discount. Avoid abandoned carts by adding a coupon code field to your cart page or drawer.

claim discount button checkout

Show savings before checkout

Customers crave for savings. Tell theme right in the cart how much money they will save if they complete their purchase.

Carter app for Shopify

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Available on over 50 Shopify themes and counting
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Smart deals for Shopify

Introducing Smart Deals

Stacking multiple offers
in a single code

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How Smart Deals work

Smart deals for Shopify

1. Add a coupon field in cart

Single-click setup available for over 50 popular themes.

Smart deals for Shopify

2. Create a smart deal

For example, 10% off on the cheapest product in cart + free shipping, within the same coupon code.

Smart deals for Shopify

3. Promote your deal

Share the code with your customers and make them happy.

Stop losing sales because Shopify hides the coupon field in checkout

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