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Coupons in cart in Shopify's Simple theme

👉 1. Install Carter in your Shopify store

2. Go to Single-click Setup and search for Simple

Simple theme coupons in cart

3. Click on Import configurations

4. Publish the configs

The Simple theme has 2 single-click setups available:

  • ✔️ a widget showing [Have a discount code](/content/images/2019/09/have-a-discount-code.png" target="_blank) in Cart, under the Checkout button
  • ✔️ a coupon field for the cart page.

Publish one or all of them, as you wish.

5. Test it live with Shopify's discount codes or Carter's smart deal codes.

Make sure your theme is published live, because coupons won't work in unpublished theme's preview.

Simple theme coupons in cart

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