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Custom page design with builder

Create a custom page

Create a new page and select a page template bottom left. You have 5 custom page templates by default. Which means you can create 5 different custom page templates.


Check out our  live custom page demo

Set your page to page.custom

You can have up to 5 custom page templates by default. Make sure to assign only 1 page per template, otherwise you will have 2 pages with the same content.

Content blocks

Build custom pages on Shopify with Konversion's built-in page builder

You can add these different blocks in the layout and design that you like:
  • Page (inside the page editor you can add custom code)

  • Menu

  • Content block

  • Image

  • Contact Form

  • Page break (clear fix)


Define your layout with columns

See your page as a grid. You can define the number of columns in each row of you page design. This way, you set the width of each block of content. 

Simple example: a row with 2 columns (a page content and an image)

More advanced example: a row with an image, menu, contact form and content block

Page width

You can also set the overall width of the page

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