Stacking discounts & loyalty on Shopify

Customer milestones allows Shopify merchants to give customers multiple discounts per order and to create loyalty campaigns

Make customers spend more and more often

Spend more

Increase average order

More often

Grow repeat business 

When tangible benefits replace loyalty points

customer milestones templates

Create a Milestone

The milestone is what customers need to achieve to get the benefit.

Set a rule

The rule is what constraints customers to get the benefit.

Give a benefit

The benefit is the reward, discount or gift that the customers get. See examples.


customer milestones shopify


customer milestones shopify

Create milestones to automatically reward your customers

BASIC → 0-1 rule and 1 benefit

Discount for customers in country XYZ
Cheapest item free if product A in the cart
Discount for first time buyers
Discount on the next purchase
Discount if joins newsletter
Discount if creates a customer account
Free product if you buy product A
Buy X get Y free
BOGO offers
Discount for customer tag XYZ

INTERMEDIATE → 1 rule and 1-2 benefits

% Discount + Free shipping if Amount spent in cart is over $X
Free product and Free shipping if 3 product A is purchased
Discount if customer tag is Wholesale and purchase over $X
Free product if lifetime purchase exceeds $X on collection Y
$10 Discount on the 2nd order in the same month
25% Discount for the first 10 orders store wide today

ADVANCED → 2+ rules and 2+ benefits

Discount on 2nd order, 5th order and free product on 10th order
Discount if Wholesaler tag and minimum purchase of $Z met + volume discount if over $Y
Discount on the first 20 product A sold in store this week for Gold members
Cheapest item for free today only if customer joins the newsletter
Discount + Free Shipping if lifetime purchases of Product A or B are over $X
Buy any product in the Clearance collection in the next 7 days and get the cheapest item in cart for free
Watch Customer Milestones in action

Give customers what they want: Discounts, free products and free shipping
Not loyalty points!

Customers always see what is
the next milestone to reach

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