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Display a deal widget anywhere in your Shopify store

🎁 Install the Milestones app

You can now insert the deal widget from the Milestones app anywhere in your store:

  • -Top bar
  • -Menu item
  • -Product page
  • -Cart page

First make sure you publish your milestone(s)

Then, Go to Settings (see top right of the screen)

Floating icon (default)

Change the floating icon (for any font awesome icon) and its location easily (eg. to float bottom left or bottom right of the screen)

Modal display (requires theme editing)

You can switch to the modal display.

As an icon in the navigation menu

As a button in any page (eg. cart page)

Eg. Edit cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid file to add the link/button code.

The exact location where to put this snippet of code varies for each theme.

See the button right below your cart page title

Eg2. Another location, below the Shipping note at left

Eg3. Next to the Update Cart button on Desktop

Eg4. Above Action buttons on mobile

Inside theme display

Straight inside the theme in any page (eg. cart page)

I could have put the milestones cards instead of a button, using the "In theme" snippet like this one:

The exact location where to put this snippet of code varies for each theme. Let's say I put it at the same location than the example above with the modal location, in the cart page below the Shipping notes.

And the result would be:

👉 Install the Milestones app

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