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Discount on every subsequent unit of product A added to cart

Requires Automatic Discount for Shopify


I was wondering if you could give us a hand with getting a discount setup. I have this product on sale for $19.99 and I want the customer to get the same product for $9.99 for every subsequent version of it added to the cart.
For example if they bought 3 of that product they would pay $19.99x$9.99x$9.99 with the automatic discount.


1. Create a $10 discount specific to this product.

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2. Make sure you uncheck the box "Only apply discount once per order"

3. Go inside our Automatic Discount app and select Advanced discount rules.

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4. Select your $10 discount code.

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5. Create a discount rule Number of same item > 1.5 and select this product.

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Make sure your rule is set to "published".

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