Editable Shareable Cart for Shopify

Add products to the cart, share the cart link and let people edit the cart before they buy.

Make more sales thanks to editable and shareable carts

Build product bundles by browsing your store and create links that lead customers directly to an
editable shopping cart or to the checkout page with a cart preloaded with these items.

Shareable Checkout

Link to a preloaded checkout page

Editable Shareable Cart

Link to a preloaded and editable cart
Add product(s) to cart

Add products to the cart and create product bundles with our user-friendly front-end tool like if you were shopping on your own store.

Generate Cart Permalink(s)

Permalinks could lead to the checkout, or to an editable cart page to add/remove itemsor to choose variations like size and color.

Share links and track results

Check out which links, which preloaded carts and which product bundles convert most and make them even more attractive!

editable shareable cart shopify

How the Editable Shareable Cart works for store owners

Build product bundles

Add them to cart

Share the cart link(s)

Let visitors edit their cart

Track clicks & conversion

Quick demo of the Editable Shareable Cart

Take a look at how you can boost your sales by sending to customers the products they want already loaded in the cart and giving them to flexibility to add/remove items, add/remove quantities and edit variations like size, color etc.

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Preload Cart permalinks

How the Editable Shareable Cart works for customers

They add products to cart

They share the cart link

Their friends click on the link

They can edit their cart

They complete their order

Make a shopping cart easy to share, to edit and to buy by multiple customers

Editable Shareable Cart is the easiest way for your customers to add products to the cart and share the cart link, as their wishlist for a birthday for example. It's also the safest way to make sure the giver makes no mistake when he/she completes the purchase. Basically, the Shareable Cart feature makes sure the gift you receive is the one you asked, not the one who ruins your party!

Shareable Cart Shopify App

Still here? Oh Common, go and install Editable Shareable Cart!

one click installation

Installing the Editable Shareable Cart app is easier than drinking coffee. No joke. Hope you love coffee 

No configuration needed

You simply install the app and voilà! If you need help, open a ticket at tabarnapp.freshdesk.com

EASY to Share cart

Make your shopping cart easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media.  

appealing to click on link

Make it appealing for your friends to click on a link that loads the cart with the same products as you. 

Easy to edit cart

Let people edit the cart after they click on the cart link to choose a size, remove a unit  or add items.

Easy to transfer cart

Let customers easily transfer their shopping cart between devices. No logging or account required.

+15% More conversion

Simple math: the more editable cart links you share, the more trafic and sales you get.

Replaces the Wishlist apps

Use it as Wishlist or Gift app :  customers request a gift by sending their cart to friends and family.

Reduces sales lost

Allow customers to switch device without loosing the cart and let them edit the cart before buying.

Reduces abandoned carts

Reduce the number of abandoned carts on your store by letting customers save & share cart links.

Increases size of carts

Get bigger carts that get purchased. Recent results proove the average purchase is increased by 10%.

3$: shop, save, share

Just shop, create a cart and save, copy or share the link. That's it! For the rest, enjoy life.

The Editable Shareable Cart App in 4 screenshots

  • automatic-discount-shopify-app
  • automatic-discount-shopify
  • automatic-discount-app
  • automatic-discount

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