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Example of funnel and cart rules upsells

Upsell the Cleanse One® Supplement on the Clutch Cleanse® E-Book Only page.

Path 1: If the main product (Clutch Cleanse® E-Book Only) is added to cart

Display the Cleanse One® Supplement upsell again on the Cart page. Then, no matter if this upsell is added to cart or declined (No thanks button), display the Private Coaching Group upsell.


Path 2: If the upsell product (Cleanse One® Supplement) is added to cart

Display the Private Coaching Group upsell.


Example of what to do Admin side

Make sure you save the Upsell #2 as part of a funnel. Then it won't show UNLESS Upsell #1 is displayed.

Then select the path you want, based on if Upsell #1 is accepted (added to cart) or declined (clicked on No thanks).

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