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Faster discount links & prefilled carts for Shopify

Red Zone Cases is asking

I'm trying to send facebook ads customers to my landing page so I downloaded your app to have the automatic discount but the speed from your link is too slow? How do I speed it up so I don't lose customers from clicking and the page loading?


We've improved the loading speed of our Automatic Discount app's links.

Discount link example: https://go.tabarn.app/r/B7XG
or you can alternatively use the Long Link: https://automatic-discount.myshopify.com/tools/tabarnapp-ad/link?id=neFsYMjFsd49HiNyw

What takes time to load is when the shopping cart is prefilled with items. Understandably, adding products to cart in the background takes some time. We managed to make it quite fast.

Prefilled cart link example: https://go.tabarn.app/r/qbYo

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