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Footer - Shopify Konversion Theme

The footer section runs across the bottom of your store containing fully customisable content, you can add menus, embed shopify pages, images, newsletter, raw html code and custom content. This is a static section and cannot be repositioned.

To customize your footer section you must go to: Online store > Themes > Customize theme > Tab "Sections" > Footer

1. General 

1.1. Display border 

Adds a border between the footer and the content of the page. This is useful in some pages of the store.

1.2. Width size 

This option let you control the width that the footer content occupy.

2. Colors

You can change the color of all elements in the footer 

3. Subfooter

Subfooter is the section bellow the footer, on the very bottom of the page.

3.1. Social links section 

Displays the social icons 

To set up your social links you must go to "Theme Editor" > Tab "General settings" > Social Icons

3.2. Enable Powered by Shopify 

Displays the "Powered by Shopify"

3.3. Enable theme copyright text

Displays theme copy right text

3.4. Enable payment icons

Displays the available payment icons on the bottom right corner

To display the icons you need to configure your payment methods in Settings > Payments 

3.5. Konversion affiliate ID 

3.6. Subfooter colors 

You can change the color of all elements in the subfooter 

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