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Give product B free if products A + B are in the cart

Josh is asking:

I’m interested in your Automatic Discounts app for Shopify, and I had a question if it could do what I was looking to do. Can this allow me to automatically add a product for free to a user’s cart if they buy a specific product? For example, if a user adds product A to his cart, can we automatically add product B to the cart for free?

Josh, we can do that indirectly, with a workaround. I mean you cannot give a free product automatically (that will be something achievable with our next app called Customer Milestones). I mean if the customers add to cart only Product A and didn't add Product B to cart, our app won't auto-populate the cart with Product B. But if the customers have Product A and Product B in Cart, you can give product B for free.

Here's how you can do the workaround:

  1. Create a 100% discount code in Shopify specific to the collection of the Product B. You could also make a $ discount instead of a % discount if you only give Product B as a free product and no other product, but let's keep it simple with a % discount. Add a minimum purchase amount from inside the discount setting. The minimum amount should the sum of A + B.

  1. Add a new product type in your product A. Let's call this product type for example "Magic Shirt". This product type needs to be unique to this product A.

  1. Inside our app, create a discount rule (eg. could #item 1 or or $ Amount >= 1 or anything else).

  1. Specify a Product Type --> "Magic Shirt".

  1. Test it live in your store.

Tell me if it works for you!

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