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Have a discount code? link under the checkout button in cart

Requires Carter for Shopify

Automatic placement

By default, on app install, the Have a discount code? link is placed under the Checkout button in the cart page and/or ajax cart (drawer).

You can go and enable/disable this automatic link in the Settings section.

Have a discount code?

Manual placement

Some themes might have some visual glitches with this automated placement, therefore we now allow merchants to manually input the link manually.

Indeed, you can now insert a code snippet in any theme file (preferably in cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid) or any page/post to display a Have a discount code? link under the Checkout button.

<a href='#' onclick="tbn_show_carter_popup()"> Have a discount code? </a>

Insert the snippet above where you want the Have a discount code? to appear.

This is useful is the automatic placement of the link under the Checkout button is wrong in your store, for some reasons (issues can be cause by more than one Checkout button in the cart page OR by some apps that have their own Checkout button or their own Checkout system.

When you are done, it will look and behave like the following.

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