Tabarnapp Moose is hiring

A moose got hit by a car. So we're hiring.

We are looking for a front-end (CSS, HTML, JS) and a backend-end (NodeJS, Meteor) animal.

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Start a new life and be a free animal

Typical mooses are fed with grass and water. We feed our team with grass and redbull.

Front-end animal

  • Do pretty things using HTML & CSS
  • Give them life using JavaScript
  • Work with libraries and API's
  • Work with a templating framework
  • HTML, CSS, JS (advanced)
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Back-end animal

  • Work with Node.js & Meteor
  • Work with npm packages
  • Work with libraries (advanced)
  • Work with API's (advanced)
  • Work with a templating framework
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Some concrete examples of stuff you will work on

  • Back-end: Nodejs/Meteor
    The main idea is to know how to work with Node.js & Meteor.
    1. Use Shopify API to grab orders and save them to the database. Use a chart library to display the hours it converts most.

    2. Use Shopify API to register a webhook on a custom route inside our node app that will receive every order made and will update customer info based on that.

    3. We need to improve our boilerplate which provides: oauth flow, account creation, api calls and front-end rendering.
  • Front-end: Css, Html, Js
    The main idea is to be really good at CSS, HTML, JS.
    1. We need to display product images in a nicer mobile-friendly gallery with zoom functionality.

    2. We need to add an "18+ age-gate" popup to the Shopify store.

    3. We need to customize a collection page with custom fields and responsive content blocks with background images.
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Animals just like you are happy to work with us

  • I love this job so much that I didn't pay myself last month. Maybe because we are so focused on building amazing stuff that I forgot to hire an accountant?

    Derek Morin
    CEO & Customer Service
  • Did you find how to disable autocomplete in chrome? It finally drove me nuts!

    Bogdan Radu
    Shopify App Developer
  • I agree with some and disagree with others.

    Stefan Mangu
    Shopify Theme Developer

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