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How to add tabs in product pages with Shopify

With Konversion, you can create tabs inside the product pages of your Shopify store. These tabs can be global (for all products), specific to a collection or specific to a product.

1. Create a page with the title you want your tab to have (make sure it's set to visible)

content tab shopify product page

2. Create a navigation menu named product tabs (make sure the handle is product-tabs)

3. Add menu items

Use collections/collection-handle to display the tab on all the product pages from a collection. Eg. a Sizes Chart tab on a t-shirt collection with the collection handle being t-shirt.

Use products/product-handle to display the tab on a specific product page. Eg. a Warranty specific to a television with the product handle being sony-56-inches-television

Use global or global/anything (if you want to avoid having similar item names) to display the tab all product pages. Eg. an About us tab could be global.

Overall, your product-tabs menu will look like the following.

Beware! Everything above is case sensitive. Which means if you put a Capital instead of a lowercase, or miss an s and you write Product/product-handle instead of products/product-handle, it won't work. Same thing if you type the handle incorrectly.

Same tab name with different content for different products

If you need to create multiple tabs with the same name but with different content, for example, if you have different Size charts for different collections or products. You might end up with tens of pages called Size Chart and struggle a lot when it comes to selecting the right one in the navigation drop-down. To solve this, rename your pages using double pipes ||.

Let's say you need a different size chart in the T-shirts collection and in Leggings collection. Then you create 2 pages and rather than naming them both Size Chart, you name them Size Chart || Leggings and Size Chart || T-shirts. This way, you can find the right Size Chart page faster. Everything after the double pipes || in the page title won't be displayed in the tab title in the product page. In our example, the tab will only display "Size Chart".

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