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How to automatically apply a discount to a customer group in Shopify

Jennifer is running this amazing shoe store Simon Shoes. She is asking:

Hi, looking for a Shopify app that will automatically apply a discount to a customer group. can yours do that? thanks! Jennifer.

Incredibly relevant question. Let's reply.

How to automatically apply a discount to a customer group in Shopify

Hi Jennifer, yes you can do that with our Automatic Discount app. Here's exactly how to automatically apply a discount to a customer group:

1.Install our app:

2.Create a coupon code in the DISCOUNTS section of the left menu of Shopify.

3.Make sure this discount is available only for the CUSTOMER GROUP that you want. For Example, I created a discount called "GroupA" and then selected "Customer in group" and then I selected the group I wanted and I configured it.

Customer Group - Automatic Discount

4.Go in our app Automatic Discount and put the discount code you just created for this group. Here's an example below of an automatic discount for Group A based on the rule If they buy for $60 or more, they get the discount I created via the coupon code "groupA".

Automatic Discount applied to a customer group in Shopify

5.You could also share the Discount Link to this customer group, and if they buy, the discount will be applied automatically.

Automatic Discount applied via a discount link in Shopify

Shopify itself suggests two other things about discounts applied to Group Discount, in this article:

  • You won't see the option "customer in group" if you are using Guest Checkout. If you don't see it, go to Preferences > Checkout & Payment, scroll down to Customer Checkout Settings and choose Guest checkout with optional sign in or Sign in required

  • Your customers will only be able to apply the discount code if they are signed in during checkout. If Guest Checkout is available and they choose to checkout as a guest, they won't be able to use the discount code.

I hope it helped,

Feel free to post your questions & ideas below to make the Automatic Discount app better, like Jennifer from

Derek, CEO of

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