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How to create a BOGO offer with Automatic Discount App

Requires Automatic Discounts for Shopify

How to create a Buy One Get One 50% off

1. Once Automatic Discounts is installed in your store, go to the RULES section

2. Create a Upsell/Gifts rule

3. Select the Bogo item (the one 50% off)

BOGO Automatic Discounts for Shopify

4. Select "Free product" if your BOGO is free OR select "Half the price" if your BOGO is 50% off.

In our example, we'll go with 50% off.

5. Create the RULE that triggers the BOGO offer

You can make the BOGO product-specific (eg. Buy a T-shirt XYZ and get another one 50% off). You can also make the rule based on a collection (eg. if at least X item of the t-shirt collection is in cart). Last option is to make the BOGO store-wide (eg. Buy any product and get item ABC 50% off).

RULE that triggers the BOGO offer

In our example, we want to have present in cart at least one Cool Beanie item to trigger the BOGO offer popup.

6. Save the BOGO offer and preview it in TEST MODE

7. See the result

# Make a BOGO store wide: Buy any item and get another item 50% off within a selection of available products. In our example, the promotion is Buy for $100 worth of product AND at least 1 Cool Beanie, and get 2 other items 50% off within a selection of specific products.

1. Select the items available to be claimed within the BOGO

In our example, we selected 4 items available and set a limit of 2 items claimable at 50% off.

2. Create the rule that defines when to show this BOGO offer

In our example, we've combined 2 restrictions:

  • -Cart amount should be $100 or more
  • -Cool Brown Beanie should be present in cart

3. See the result

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