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How to Create a discount where 2 eligible products have to be in the cart to get a discount on the 3rd item


A merchant would like to create a discount where TWO eligible products have to be in the cart to create the discount for the 3rd item. Right now I am finding that the discount is still applied if only one eligible product is added to the cart, so customers are abusing this.

Using your app, is there a workaround to add a rule where not one but two eligible products have to be added to the cart before a discount on the third is applied?


There are 2 ways to do this:

The straightforward way using Milestones by Tabarnapp

The unsafe workaround way using Automatic Discount

You could have a rule based on the number of different items in cart (eg. # of different products >= 3). And in the additional restriction you set the unique product type of each of your 2 products that need to be inside the cart.

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