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How to discount a specific product with a limit of quantity of that product

I am trying to generate a discount whereby the customer gets 50% off a specific product with a limit of quantity 2 of that product. So far, I've got it working for qty of 1 or 2. But when I put in 3 or higher, the discount goes away. I want it to still honor the first 2 in their cart and then no discount for any quantity above 2. Make sense?

Automatic Discount can,t limit the number of products purchased or discounted, unless the discount itself is limited to a single use on a single product. But this is not what the client wants here.

To achieve what is wanted, you will need a secondary app. I'd recommend this app Order Limits (MinMaxify)
MinMaxify allows store owners to set up minimum and maximum limits order dollar amount as well as number of items per product and overall.

That app and Automatic Discount work perfectly together to do what you want.

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