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How to down-sell on Shopify

Sometimes customers decide to back down from the purchase. And they leave your store.

To prevent this from happening, try the 👉 Ultimate Upsell Shopify app free and down-sell customers.

Down-selling is a strategy where you suggest customers, on the product page or the cart page, a cheaper version of the product or of a similar product. It could be a product with less feature, a one-time offer or a time limited usage of the same product, for example.

Humans being humans, money being money, offering a cheaper product to customers has higher chances of being accepted. The goal here is to acquire a customer, even if you will not profit as much as possible right away.

If you enter a dealership looking for a BMW and get scared with the price, the salesman will certainly bring up many other options that cost a lot less. That is down-selling.

When the real estate agent shows a house you cannot afford, and then shows you other options which will cost you less, that is down-selling as well.

You may want a nice suit but on declining the salesperson’s offer you may be shown an alternative, cheaper suit.

A down-sell is not the same as a discount.

Whereas some element of bartering may work in a face-to-face situation, in an online situation offering the same product for a lower price after an initial rejection just appears sleazy.

Another form of a down sell could be them offering to give you something for free in exchange for your email address. That's somehow the ultimate and the smartest down-sell you can make in your long-term customer acquisition strategy.

Down-sell to lower your customer acquistion costs (CAC)

Although your higher-priced items may have a larger profit margin, down-selling can be just as or more important to your company. Entry-level products can help you build brand loyalty when a customer cannot afford premium products at the moment. For example, one boutique that sells purses found that sales were dropping because customers could not afford the item. Instead of slashing prices and potentially diluting the market with their product, the boutique designed a cellphone holder with a similar design as their purses but at a fraction of the price of their handbags.

The bottom line is, downselling results in more sales.

cheap vs expensive suit down-sell shopify app

Down-selling a cheaper suit 🤵

Let's take the example of down-selling a cheaper suit on an expensive suit product page.

1. 👉 Install the Ultimate Upsell app.

2. Create a new upsell.

create new upsell

3. Choose to upsell products individually in the Upsell type (A la carte).

A la carte upsell shopify

4. What → Select the products to upsell.

5. When → Select to trigger the upsell on the Expensive Suit product page.

6. Where → Select the location of the upsell: in theme, notification or popup.

You can preview different locations. Once you're satisfied, click Save and close the window.

Down-sell a cheaper suit on the Expensive Suit page

7. You can add a title to the upsell offer like "SIMILAR LOOK AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE!". Then Select "Published" in the dropdown menu and click the Checkmark icon to Save the Upsell.

8. Sit back, relax and check your numbers grow!

That's it. Now it's your turn to do it. Try the Ultimate Upsell app free and create the perfect down-selling strategy!

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