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How to get the latest version of the Konversion theme for Shopify

Got Konversion and want to update it to the latest version?

There are 2 ways to do that:

Via the download_link.txt present inside your original zip file of theme

If you can’t find the original zip file of the Konversion theme, you can download it from you Shopify store.

If you still struggle with the steps above, you light be better of trying the following option.

Via Jvzoo.com

  1. Go to your jvzoo account here
  2. View the details for Konversion theme receipt
  3. Scroll down to "Special Instructions from the Seller" section
  4. In that section (red box) you will have your license key and your download url
  5. That url contains your purchase data and will directly download the latest version of the theme

Don’t own Konversion yet?

If you don’t have the Konversion theme for Shopify yet, you can buy it on https://konversiontheme.com

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