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How to give 25% off specific collections only when specific product(s) are in the cart

Question related to Automatic Discount for Shopify

I would like the entire cart with the exception of the trigger product to be discounted by 25%. I want to exclude the products which have membership kits included from ever being discounted.

Note: you need to activate the premium plan to be able to save the discount rule I did in #4 below.

1. First, for each TRIGGER product you want to fire the application of the discount, find its Product Type inside each product admin page or here:

Image from Gyazo

I made my example with only 1 trigger product, being doTERRA 12 Month Wholesale Membership. So I use its Product Type: doTERRA Membership (it's case sensitive, type it exactly as it is)
Note: If you have other product(s) that you want to trigger the discount, add its/their product type in the discount rule, eg. https://gyazo.com/9fd7c7a8bb58afcfc959a0e6fc3e1675

2. I changed the MEMBER discount to apply the discount on All products except the products listed in this Membership Kits collection. So I went into the Discounts section of Shopify, select a % discount on specific collections, and of course selected the specific collections one by one.

Image from Gyazo

I could have selected a product specific discount, but Shopify allows only 100 products inside the product-specific discount.

3. Here's the result of the rule:

Image from Gyazo

Now you need to go re-create the same discount rule as I did in #4 above and click save and activate your premium account.

Image from Gyazo

Then wait 10-15 minutes for the discount rule to propagate and it should work.

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