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How to install a Shopify theme purchased from jvzoo

As always, Shopify has a great article on how to upload a theme.

For Shopify themes sold via the JvZoo Affiliate Network, like Konversion and Calendar, here's how to get started after you completed your purchase.

1. Download the theme

The theme can be downloaded:

  • -Automatically after purchase, in your browser
  • -Via JvZoo's customer portal)
  • -Via your download link (if you already have an older version of the theme, the download link is located in the theme's zip, in a file called download_link.txt)

2. Upload the theme on your store

Upload the theme on your store

3. Publish the theme

Publish the theme

4. Find the license key

The license key is located inside the theme zip file, in the license_key.t (and the download link to access future theme updates).

Find the license key

5. Activate the license key

To do so, go to Shopify Admin > Theme > Customize (purple button) > General Settings > License

Activate the license key

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