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How to properly uninstall the Motivus app

Motivus allows Shopify merchants like you to split testing one or more promotions on one or more audiences, at the same time!

Run A/B experiments to find the perfect promotion for each targeted audience.

No need to have the budget of a Fortune 500 company to experiment at scale, anymore.

What happens to my store when i install Motivus app?

  1. A script tag is registered on your store. The script adds the motivating notifications. (automated)
  2. A proxy is registered on your store, making the page at /tools/motivus available to your customers. (automated)
  3. In order to complete the installation you need to manually add a snippet of code into the Google Analytics Additional Scripts box. (manual)

How do i completely uninstall Motivus?

  1. Both the script tag and the proxy from the first to points above are automatically taken care off and removed on app uninstall.
  2. Important If you manually added the snippet, you will need to go into your Shopify admin at Admin > Online Store > Preferences > Google Analytics and remove the lines that you previously added.
  3. In some cases, you might add links to your theme that point to the Motivus proxy page at /tools/motivus. If you did, make sure you remove them as well.

How do i cancel my active payment plan with Motivus?

Motivus requires an active subscription for the app to work. Uninstalling the app, automatically cancels any active payment plan you might have.

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