Custom CSV Import for Shopify

Map CSV, ERP, PIM to Shopify: Import products & Sync inventory with Moose Sync for Shopify

Syncing products from different suppliers, made easy.

Running a Shopify store can be so simple when you simply plug & play your products suppliers' data
to your Shopify store and make them automatically update at your desired frequency

Import 50 products for free

Import products to Shopify

Import products from one or more suppliers, in a Shopify-friendly fashion.

Transform the data

Map columns, create new fields or transform existing values.

Schedule product updates

Automatically update products, at the desired time and frequency, fully or partially.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ CSV Import done right

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I'm so glad I found this app

As someone who has built websites with Wordpress for over a decade, I soon became frustrated by the lack of options to extend Shopify's functionality. I needed to build an online store that pulled product data from a CSV file extracted from an enterprise system; map a bunch of fields, then sync the data each day via a URL. If this app didn't exist, I think I'd have been screwed. If you need to import products, map fields and sync data, this is the app you need. Brilliant work, guys. Thank you!!

Hubba Parts

What a great discovery

What a great discovery, beyond impressed with this app! I was a little worried when I installed, does not have any reviews. Well built, my csv import is done really fast! Explanations for all the functions and a very nice error log!

Golf Galaxy

Extremely easy to use

This is an awesome app and extremely easy to use for some of us who are not tech. I was able to personalize and import products from my suppliers really fast!

All brads deals

This app is my right arm

I am a newbie when it comes to CSV files, and i need to import a vast amount. This app is my right arm. Absolutely love it, so easy to map so easy to get my products across to store. Now I wish i could afford the higher plan to get more feeds per day. Highly recommend. Trust me its so worth it.

Simplee Direct

Tried nearly a dozen different apps

We have tried nearly a dozen different apps and all of them seem to have something broken when we import our supplier CSV. This app does save us a lot of time and we use it for update each day. I'm waiting to find something wrong with this app.. I am really happy to have no success! Great job Thanks

Numerik Telecom

Import products automatically

Each imported product from your CSV file to your Shopify store will keep its current details.

Instant Setup

Connect your feed in seconds and launch your 1st import.

Honest pricing

Transparent & affordable pricing based on the number of products & updates.

CSV files

Import any format of CSV files to populate your store with products. XLS and more formats coming soon.

Multiple suppliers' files

Connect more than one file to import and update products to your Shopify store.

Manual & Automatic import

Upload a file, connect via FTP or via direct URL download.

Scheduled updates

Schedule updates at your desired time and frequency.

Full & Partial updates

Update all fields daily, or only some of them like inventory and pricing.

Field mapping

Map each column from your CSV file to the related product attributes on Shopify.

Product images import & ordering

Import multiple images per product and display them in the desired order.

Product variants

Import all product options like colors and sizes to your Shopify, including the prices, stock, tax and more! 

Product categories

Import all categories as Shopify collections, and organize your products in these collections.

Product tags

Import all your product tags to your Shopify store.

Product vendors

Import all your product vendors to your Shopify store.

Product metafields

Import any metafield or custom field as a product attribute in your store.

Virtual fields

Merge different fields from your data source into a new one (eg. composed title from multiple columns).

Field duplication

Add data from one field or column in your supplier file to multiple fields in Shopify.

No API limit

Have thousands of products? No problem! Our app can import & update your products.

No coding required

No need to hire any developer nor to waste time & money to integrate your suppliers feed into your store.

Reports & notifications

Find out if the import or the update suceeded and failed, and if so, why.

Automate your inventory management

Import products from your supplier's CSV manually or automatically via FTP or a local database.
Select the update frequency or manually define the partial update based on filters.

Try the app - Free up to 50 products

Our subscription plans sync with your budget

Plans are based on the number of products imported and the number of updates per day.

  • ✓ 50 products
  • ✓ 3 updates per day
  • ✓ 1000 products
  • ✓ 3 updates per day
  • ✓ 3 000 products
  • ✓ 5 updates per day
  • ✓ 10 000 products
  • ✓ 6 updates per day
  • ✓ 25 000 products
  • ✓ 7 updates per day
  • ✓ 50 000 products
  • ✓ 8 updates per day

Custom help served à la carte

Whether it's for you or a client, we can lower your stress and ease your task.

  • ✓ Complete CSV file analysis
  • ✓ Finding CSV errors
  • ✓ Recommendations on CSV format
  • ✓ Map your CSV file to Shopify
  • ✓ Map CSV columns to Shopify fields
  • ✓ Map custom fields to metafields
  • ✓ Double-check mapping
  • ✓ Run an import
  • ✓ Build a report with errors
  • ✓ Schedule updates
  • ✓ Make data look nicer
  • ✓ Show metafields content to customers
  • ✓ Customize anything in storefront

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