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Insert a coupon field in any page or product page in Shopify

Requires Carter for Shopify

To display a coupon field in any page or product page in your Shopify store, go to your page or product page in Shopify admin and edit the main description. Add <div> with the class carter-trigger anywhere in your page content (you can use any other class, no need to be carter-trigger)

<div class="carter-trigger">
<p>Some page content here</p>

Then, inside the Carter app, you can use the same class .carter-trigger to show the coupon field.

You should see after 5-10 min a coupon field appearing in your page or product page where you inserted the <div class="carter-trigger">. It would look different in each supported themes, but here's an example of the look of it:

Once you succeed to display the coupon field, you can go back and edit the look of it, center-aligning the whole block, adjusting the width of the field input, the color of the button, or any other CSS changes to match your theme more and, especially, meet your needs.

If you want the coupon field in more than one page, re-do the same steps. You could also put the <div class="carter-trigger"></div> in your theme file, for example in the page template or in the product template, but this would show the coupon field on all pages (or all products), unless you use some liquid rules (eg. if page.handle == 'ingredients', which requires some coding skills).

COMING SOON: Ability to add custom templates directly from html

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