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Konversion theme FAQ

1- About the Konversion theme

1.1 How to upload and publish the theme and activate the license key

1.2 How to activate your license

1.3 Latest releases of the Konversion theme

1.4 How to update the Konversion theme to the newest version

2- General information

2.1 Edit your theme javascript - where to find the un-minified js file?

2.2 Support plans, customizations, updates and refunds

2.3 The list of apps supported with the Konversion theme

2.4 List of supported currencies in our currency switcher widget

2.5 Custom page design with builder

2.6 Some features don't work in Editing mode (inside the Customize theme zone)

3- Homepage

3.1 Homepage sections

3.2 Header - Topbar

3.3 Recommended image sizes for the slideshow

3.4 Theme's main sections - Overall

3.5 Add custom content on Konversion's theme homepage

3.6 Deal of the day

3.7 General Settings options

4- Navigation

4.1 Header - Navigation

4.2 Old VS New sub-menus in Shopify: How to create both

5- Product page

5.1 Product page section

5.2 Content tabs in product pages

5.3 Product Page Upsell

5.4 How to remove a product icon in the product page?

5.5 Custom product banner images

5.6 Add a video instead of an image in the product page's main images slideshow

5.7 Hide variant dropdown on the product page when there is only 1 option (1 variant)

5.8 How to add custom colors into the color swatches for variants/options on the product page

5.9 Display Trust Badges in your Product Pages of your Shopify Store

5.10 Related products - How to manually select the related products in each product page

5.11 How to format text in the short description location inside the product page

5.12 How to change the layout of product variants on mobile

6- Collection

6.1 Collection page section

6.2 How to enable infinite scroll in the collection pages

6.3 Display the collection description in the collection pages

7- Cart page

7.1 Cart page upsell

7.2 Shopping cart

7.3 Move the Add to Cart form above or below the product description on mobile

8- Contact page

8.1 Contact page

9- Footer

9.1 Footer

10- Option / Integration / Install

10.1 Option to add a background image on all pages

10.2 Update bug related to the Product Reviews app when you copy the Settings data

10.3 Konversion integrates with Yotpo

10.4 Install Infinite Options in our theme

10.5 Konversion now integrates with the Loox Photo Reviews app

11- Theme speed

11.1 Is it possible that your Shopify theme won't make my store faster?

11.2 Understanding speed test tools grades and recommendations

11.3 Naked theme versus all features enabled theme

11.4 Speed results: what to test and how to understand the results

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