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List of supported currencies in our currency switcher widget

How to enable the currency switcher

Go to Settings > General

When you enable the Currency switcher widget, make sure you first edit your settings.  Read this article from Shopify .

Go to Customize theme > General Settings > Currency

Test it live (everywhere pricing are displayed)

List of supported currencies and their format for currency converter

      USD "${{amount}} USD"
      EUR "€{{amount}} EUR"
      GBP "£{{amount}} GBP"
      CAD "${{amount}} CAD"
      ALL "Lek {{amount}} ALL"
      DZD "DA {{amount}} DZD"
      AOA "Kz{{amount}} AOA"
      ARS "${{amount_with_comma_separator}} ARS"
      AMD "{{amount}} AMD"
      AWG "Afl{{amount}} AWG"
      AUD "${{amount}} AUD"
      BBD "${{amount}} Bds"
      AZN "m.{{amount}} AZN"
      BDT "Tk {{amount}} BDT"
      BSD "BS${{amount}} BSD"
      BHD "{{amount}}0 BHD"
      BYR "Br {{amount}} BYR"
      BZD "BZ${{amount}} BZD"
      BTN "Nu {{amount}} BTN"
      BAM "KM {{amount_with_comma_separator}} BAM"
      BRL "R$ {{amount_with_comma_separator}} BRL"
      BOB "Bs{{amount_with_comma_separator}} BOB"
      BWP "P{{amount}} BWP"
      BND "${{amount}} BND"
      BGN "{{amount}} лв BGN"
      MMK "K{{amount}} MMK"
      KHR "KHR{{amount}}"
      KYD "${{amount}} KYD"
      XAF "FCFA{{amount}} XAF"
      CLP "${{amount_no_decimals}} CLP"
      CNY "¥{{amount}} CNY"
      COP "${{amount_with_comma_separator}} COP"
      CRC "₡ {{amount_with_comma_separator}} CRC"
      HRK "{{amount_with_comma_separator}} kn HRK"
      CZK "{{amount_with_comma_separator}} Kč"
      DKK "kr.{{amount_with_comma_separator}}"
      DOP "RD$ {{amount}}"
      XCD "EC${{amount}}"
      EGP "LE {{amount}} EGP"
      ETB "Br{{amount}} ETB"
      XPF "{{amount_no_decimals_with_comma_separator}} XPF"
      FJD "FJ${{amount}}"
      GMD "D {{amount}} GMD"
      GHS "GH₵{{amount}}"
      GTQ "{{amount}} GTQ"
      GYD "${{amount}} GYD"
      GEL "{{amount}} GEL"
      HNL "L {{amount}} HNL"
      HKD "HK${{amount}}"
      HUF "{{amount_no_decimals_with_comma_separator}} Ft"
      ISK "{{amount_no_decimals}} kr ISK"
      INR "Rs. {{amount}}"
      IDR "Rp {{amount_with_comma_separator}}"
      ILS "{{amount}} NIS"
      JMD "${{amount}} JMD"
      JPY "¥{{amount_no_decimals}} JPY"
      JEP "£{{amount}} JEP"
      JOD "{{amount}}0 JOD"
      KZT "{{amount}} KZT"
      KES "KSh{{amount}}"
      KWD "{{amount}}0 KWD"
      KGS "лв{{amount}}"
      LVL "Ls {{amount}} LVL"
      LBP "L£{{amount}} LBP"
      LTL "{{amount}} Lt"
      MGA "Ar {{amount}} MGA"
      MKD "ден {{amount}} MKD"
      MOP "MOP${{amount}}"
      MVR "Rf{{amount}} MRf"
      MXN "$ {{amount}} MXN"
      MYR "RM{{amount}} MYR"
      MUR "Rs {{amount}} MUR"
      MDL "{{amount}} MDL"
      MAD "Dh {{amount}} MAD"
      MNT "{{amount_no_decimals}} MNT"
      MZN "Mt {{amount}} MZN"
      NAD "N${{amount}} NAD"
      NPR "Rs{{amount}} NPR"
      ANG "{{amount}} NAƒ"
      NZD "${{amount}} NZD"
      NIO "C${{amount}} NIO"
      NGN "₦{{amount}} NGN"
      NOK "kr {{amount_with_comma_separator}} NOK"
      OMR "{{amount_with_comma_separator}} OMR"
      PKR "Rs.{{amount}} PKR"
      PGK "K {{amount}} PGK"
      PYG "Gs. {{amount_no_decimals_with_comma_separator}} PYG"
      PEN "S/. {{amount}} PEN"
      PHP "₱{{amount}} PHP"
      PLN "{{amount_with_comma_separator}} zl PLN"
      QAR "QAR {{amount_with_comma_separator}}"
      RON "{{amount_with_comma_separator}} lei RON"
      RUB "руб{{amount_with_comma_separator}} RUB"
      RWF "{{amount_no_decimals}} RWF"
      WST "WS$ {{amount}} WST"
      SAR "{{amount}} SAR"
      STD "Db {{amount}} STD"
      RSD "{{amount}} RSD"
      SCR "Rs {{amount}} SCR"
      SGD "${{amount}} SGD"
      SYP "S£{{amount}} SYP"
      ZAR "R {{amount}} ZAR"
      KRW "₩{{amount_no_decimals}} KRW"
      LKR "Rs {{amount}} LKR"
      SEK "{{amount_no_decimals}} kr SEK"
      CHF "SFr. {{amount}} CHF"
      TWD "${{amount}} TWD"
      THB "{{amount}} ฿ THB"
      TZS "{{amount}} TZS"
      TTD "${{amount}} TTD"
      TND "{{amount}} DT"
      TRY "{{amount}}TL"
      UGX "Ush {{amount_no_decimals}} UGX"
      UAH "₴{{amount}} UAH"
      AED "Dhs. {{amount}} AED"
      UYU "${{amount_with_comma_separator}} UYU"
      VUV "${{amount}}VT"
      VEF "Bs. {{amount_with_comma_separator}} VEF"
      VND "{{amount_no_decimals_with_comma_separator}} VND"
      XBT "{{amount_no_decimals}} BTC"
      XOF "CFA{{amount}} XOF"
      ZMW "ZMW{{amount_no_decimals_with_comma_separator}}"

What if your currency doesn't "fit" in the cart widget

You can go to General Settings > Cart and reduce the font size

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