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Main Screens and Steps to Get Started with the Milestones App

Screen 1 (after install):

This is the welcome screen, you can click on any milestone example and create one just so you can see the next screen.

Screen 2 (after first milestone was created)

This is the tutorial, it shows you what the app can do.

Screen 3 (main page)

In the top right corner you have a settings button. Click on it.

Screen 4 (settings page)

Change the “Store display type” from “Floating icon” to “Modal (requires theme edit)” and hit Save in the top right corner. After saving it might take up to 5 minutes for the change to propagate to all browsers.

Enabling modal mode, disables the floating icon. In order to make the modal work, you would have to edit your theme files and add some custom code. You can see the instructions on how to do that lower in the settings screen

👇 More details on what you can do and how to use the Milestones app:

- Full Video - How to use the Milestones app

- Start from pre-made promotion templates

- Create a new promotion on Shopify with Milestones by Tabarnapp

- Types of Deal display

- Use Milestones with the floating widget icon in your Shopify store

- Insert a Claim Deal button inside the cart on Shopify

- Insert Milestones inside any page of your Shopify store

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