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Make product properties (advanced product options) work with Milestones

The value packs category should get free shipping and when the store has your Milestone app (free shipping) enabled to claim free shipping, but the options from the Mageworks (advanced product optionsare wiped out of the order receipt.

Requires the Milestones app for Shopify

If you use an app like Advanced Product Options

that adds additional options or properties to a product, you need to add a product properties restriction inside the milestone rule. Here's an example.

To add product properties restrictions, you first need to know what is the product properties (product options) added by your Advanced Product Options app. To find that:

  1. Add the product to cart (e.g. the Kick Ass Snack Value product)
  2. go to yourstore.com/cart.json
  3. Search for "properties"
  4. You will find something like that: https://gyazo.com/4c33469e185729868cfe96c7fb43936a
  5. Create the milestone rule and Select the Kick Ass Value Pack product in the milestone
  6. Add the properties in our app like that: https://gyazo.com/5159b8947a3b6475460ad78daa3f8aaa (which covers all cases of any flavor selected)
  7. Click Save and Publish the milestone.

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